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Shopping is one of the most popular activities in Bolivia, a country with a rich and diverse culture. Whether you are looking for local handicrafts, international brands, or entertainment options, you will find something to suit your taste and budget in the many shopping malls that dot the country. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the top shopping malls in Bolivia 2023, where you can enjoy a great shopping experience and discover the latest trends.

Bolivia has seen a rapid growth in its retail sector in recent years, thanks to the increasing purchasing power of its middle class, the expansion of e-commerce, and the development of urban infrastructure. Online shopping is not the only way to shop in Bolivia. The country also boasts some of the most impressive shopping malls in South America, offering a wide range of products and services, as well as entertainment and dining options.

Some of these malls are new additions to the Bolivian landscape, while others are well-established landmarks that have been renovated and expanded to meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers. In this article, we will take you on a tour of some of the top shopping malls in Bolivia 2023, where you can find everything from luxury goods to local specialties.

Top Shopping malls in Bolivia

What are the best shopping malls in La Paz, Bolivia?

La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia, is a great place to enjoy shopping. There are many shopping malls in La Paz that offer a variety of products and services, as well as entertainment and dining options. Here are some of the best shopping malls in La Paz, Bolivia:

  1. Shopping Norte: A modern mall with over 100 stores, international and local brands, a supermarket, food court, cinema, and more. Find it at CCalle Potosi esq., Corner Of, La Paz.
  2. Centro Comercial Camacho: Located in Plaza Camacho, it offers more than 50 stores, selling various products, a food court, cinema, and a gym. It’s at Av. Camacho Esq. Calle Bueno, En La Plaza Camacho.
  3. Megacenter: A mall that combines shopping, entertainment, and culture with 80+ stores, a food court, cinema, ice skating rink, and a cultural center. You can visit it at Av. Rafael Pabón Nº 8000 Zona Irpavi II. Enjoy your shopping adventure

How to get to Ventura mall in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia?

To reach Ventura mall from Viru Viru International Airport in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, you have a few options:

  1. By Airport Bus: Catch the airport bus to the city center (Plaza 24 de Septiembre stop), then take a taxi or walk to Ventura mall, approximately 3 km away. Bus fare is 6 bolivianos (about 0.87 USD)
  2. By Taxi: Use a taxi from the airport to Ventura mall, costing around 60 bolivianos (about 8.66 USD). The journey takes approximately 25 minutes.
  3. By Car Rental: Rent a car at the airport (around 40 USD per day) and follow signs to Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Take the Av. Cristo Redentor exit, turn right onto Av. Banzer, and find Ventura mall on your left.

Choose the option that suits you best for a convenient visit to Ventura mall.

How to shop online from in Bolivia?

Shopping online from in Bolivia is possible, but there are some things you need to know before you place your order. Here are some tips and steps to help you shop safely and smoothly from AliExpress:

  1. Choose a Reliable Seller: Check ratings, reviews, and contact the seller for information.
  2. Check Shipping Options: Be aware of shipping times and costs, and consider fast delivery or free shipping.
  3. Customs and Taxes: Know that you may have to pay customs duties and taxes; check local regulations and discuss with the seller.
  4. Use Secure Payment: Opt for secure payment methods supported by AliExpress to protect your money and data.
  5. Track and Confirm: Monitor your order’s status, inspect products upon delivery, and confirm receipt on AliExpress. Leave feedback or open a dispute accordingly.

What are the local specialties that you can buy in Bolivia’s shopping malls?

In Bolivia’s shopping malls, you can find local specialties like:

  1. Coffee: Explore high-quality coffee beans, grounds, and flavors, along with the aroma and taste of this organic brew.
  2. Chocolate: Savor delicious locally made chocolate in various forms, from bars to truffles, available in different flavors.
  3. Quinoa: Discover nutritious quinoa products, including bread, cookies, salad, and grains for cooking or as a rice/pasta substitute.
  4. Coca Leaves: Explore coca products and souvenirs for medicinal and cultural purposes, such as tea bags, candies, and jewelry.
  5. Llama Wool: Stay warm with soft and durable llama wool garments like sweaters, scarves, and blankets, or buy yarn and fabrics for your projects.

How to find the best deals and discounts in Bolivia’s shopping malls?

Finding the best deals and discounts in Bolivia’s shopping malls can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help you save money and enjoy your shopping spree:

  1. Plan Ahead: Research online for promotions and sales on mall websites or through brand newsletters and social media.
  2. Compare Prices: Don’t settle for the first price; compare prices from different stores using online tools and apps.
  3. Negotiate: Polite negotiation may work, especially for local products or handicrafts in market stalls.
  4. Use Loyalty Cards: Sign up for mall and store loyalty programs to earn points, discounts, and exclusive offers.
  5. Shop Off-Season: Look for deals on out-of-season items, often available at clearance sales or discount stores within malls. Shop during less crowded times for better bargains.

How to enjoy a cultural and shopping tour in Bolivia?

For an enjoyable cultural and shopping tour in Bolivia:

  1. Choose Your Destinations: Consider cities like La Paz, Uyuni, Potosi, Sucre, and Santa Cruz de la Sierra for diverse experiences.
  2. Plan Your Itinerary: Customize your trip based on time and interests. Explore guided tour options online.
  3. Enjoy Shopping: Discover local handicrafts, international brands, and specialties at malls and markets. Explore entertainment and dining options.
  4. Respect the Culture: Be mindful of Bolivia’s rich culture and diverse population. Learn some local language basics, dress modestly at historical sites, seek permission for photos, and follow local customs.


Impact of shopping malls on Bolivia’s economy

Shopping malls have diverse impacts on Bolivia’s economy:

  1. Employment: They create jobs, but may displace small retailers.
  2. Income: Offer benefits like lower prices and higher sales but can harm local suppliers and traditional retailers.
  3. Taxation: Generate revenue but may receive incentives, impacting overall fiscal balance.
  4. Environment: Can reduce transportation impact but may promote overconsumption and environmental issues.

These are the key effects to consider.

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