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Are you planning to visit Lithuania in 2023? Do you love shopping and exploring different kinds of products and services? Do you want to know the largest shopping mall in Lithuania? If yes, then you might be interested in knowing the top shopping malls in Lithuania that offer a variety of options for every taste and budget.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best shopping malls in Lithuania based on the ratings and reviews of travelers who have visited them. We will also give you some information about what you can find and do in these malls, such as shops, restaurants, entertainment, and more.

So, prepare to be enticed by Lithuania’s retail treasures as we guide you through the top shopping malls this beautiful country has to offer in 2023. Even if you’re a local or a traveler, these malls will elevate your shopping experience to new heights, making every visit a memorable adventure.


Is Lithuania good for shopping?

If you want to buy for a range of goods and services at affordable costs, Lithuania is an excellent choice. There are numerous malls, marketplaces, and shops in Lithuania that sell a wide variety of goods, including clothing, accessories, gadgets, books, and more. Additionally, you can find some distinctive and original Lithuanian artwork and crafts that speak to the history and culture of the nation.

Top shopping malls in Lithuania in 2023

Some of the top shopping malls in Lithuania in 2023 are:

1. Akropolis:

This is a chain of shopping malls that has branches in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai. They offer a variety of shops, cafes, restaurants, entertainment facilities and services. Some of the attractions include an ice hockey rink, a bowling alley, a cinema and a casino.

2. Panorama Shopping and Leisure Centre:

This is one of the largest shopping centers in Vilnius, located near the city center. It has a wide selection of clothing stores, cafes, restaurants, a supermarket, a cinema and a children’s play area.

3. Mega Shopping and Leisure Center:

This is another large shopping center in Kaunas, located near the highway to Vilnius. It has over 200 shops, a supermarket, a cinema, a bowling alley, a trampoline park, a spa and a fitness center.

4. Ozas:

This is a modern shopping mall in Vilnius, located near the business district. It has over 170 shops, a supermarket, a cinema, a food court, a children’s play area and an outdoor terrace with a bar.

5. Einkaufszentrum Europa:

This is a shopping mall in Vilnius that has a distinctive architectural design inspired by European cities. It has over 100 shops, a supermarket, a cinema, a food court and a rooftop garden with a fountain.

Top retail centers in Lithuania

Here are some of the top retail centers in Lithuania:

  1. Akropolis Vilnius: This is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Vilnius, offering a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  2. Akropolis Kaunas: Similar to the Vilnius location, Akropolis Kaunas is a popular shopping and entertainment center in Kaunas.
  3. Ozas: Located in Vilnius, Ozas is a modern shopping mall with a variety of international and local retail brands.
  4. Panorama: Situated in Vilnius, Panorama is a shopping mall featuring a mix of fashion, electronics, and dining options.
  5. MEGA Shopping and Leisure Center: Located in Kaunas, MEGA is a large retail and entertainment complex with numerous stores and attractions.

What is the largest shopping mall in Lithuania?

The largest shopping mall in Lithuania by floor area is Akropolis in Vilnius. It was built in 2002 and has a total area of 109,775 square meters (1,181,610 square feet). It has more than 240 shops selling different kinds of goods, as well as a food court, a cinema, a bowling alley, an ice skating rink, and a casino. Akropolis is also the largest shopping mall in the Baltics

Where to shop in Lithuania this year

Here are some general tips for shopping in Lithuania:

  1. Vilnius: The capital city offers a variety of shopping options, including large shopping centers like Akropolis Vilnius and Gariunai Market. Explore the historic Old Town for boutique shops and local artisans.
  2. Kaunas: In Kaunas, you can visit Akropolis Kaunas and the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Center for a wide range of retail options. Laisvės alėja is a popular street for shopping and dining.
  3. Klaipėda: Explore the Old Town area for unique boutiques and specialty shops. The Akropolis Klaipėda shopping center is also a good option.
  4. Local Markets: Look for local markets and farmers’ markets for authentic Lithuanian products and souvenirs. These can be found in various cities and towns.
  5. Online Shopping: Consider exploring Lithuanian e-commerce websites and online marketplaces for a convenient shopping experience.
  6. Boutiques and Craft Shops: Seek out boutique stores and craft shops that offer handmade, artisanal products, including jewelry, clothing, and ceramics.

What is the largest supermarket in Lithuania?

The largest supermarket chain in Lithuania by turnover is Maxima. Maxima reported a turnover of €1.76 billion in 2021 and operates 252 outlets in Lithuania as of this year. Maxima operates under two brands – Maxima, under which it runs several banners of different sizes, and Barbora.

Some of the other supermarket chains in Lithuania are IKI, Lidl, Norfa, Rimi, Silas, Cia, Kubas, and Express Market.

Is Lithuania cheap or expensive?

Lithuania’s cost of living varies by city and personal preferences. For example, Vilnius is more expensive than Kaunas. In Vilnius, rent in an expensive area is €1,467, while public transport is €30, and a meal for two in a mid-range restaurant costs €50. In Kaunas, rent in an expensive area is €1,000, public transport is €25, and a similar meal is €40.

Food, beer, and cigarettes are reasonably priced in Lithuania. For instance, a pound of apples is €0.93, a loaf of bread is €0.90, a liter of milk is €1.28, and a dozen eggs are €2.28. A pack of Marlboro smokes costs €4.55, while a half-liter bottle of domestic beer costs €1.38.

However, clothing, shoes, and cars tend to be more expensive. A pair of jeans is €54, a summer dress is €27, sport shoes are €88, and leather business shoes are €114. A new Volkswagen Golf costs €8,000.


What is the best currency to use in Lithuania?

The euro is Lithuania’s official currency since 2015 and widely accepted for payments. You can also exchange other currencies at banks or exchange offices, but may incur fees. Alternatively, use a debit or credit card, but check for foreign transaction fees. Consider Wise debit card for cost-effective euro spending, with no hidden fees or extra charges for ATM withdrawals.

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