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Are you seeking work in Peru that sponsors visas? You need a work visa in order to legally work in Peru. Working for a Peruvian firm that sponsors a work visa is the typical, well-known, and most effective way to obtain one. Peru, however, has very tight laws governing hiring foreigners.

Employers are hiring across the majority of job sectors in Peru, which has one of Latin America’s fastest-growing economies. Jobseekers in the financial, banking, mining, and service industries will have little trouble finding employment, as well as technical professionals looking for jobs in the agriculture, engineering, mining, IT, and healthcare industries.

The greatest and widest range of employment options is available in Lima, the capital of Peru, where one-third of the labor force is employed. and those with university degrees and professional experience will be paid the highest wages.

The types of work visas for Peru that are available and their criteria are covered in this article. Additionally, you’ll discover more about the existing foreign individuals’ visa sponsorship jobs in Peru and the in-demand skill.

Visa Sponsorship jobs in Peru for foreigners 2023

Below are the Current visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners in Peru:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • English teacher
  • Distribution Partner Manager
  • Project Management
  • Sales Representative
  • Account Manager
  • Project Officer
  • Customer Service
  • Hotel Administration

Best Job Opportunities

According to Peru’s Ministry of Education, experts with technical and scientific knowledge in engineering, healthcare, statistics, and IT will be among the most in-demand in the country’s future (Minedu). The specialties with the strongest employment prospects for the next seven years are shown below:

  • Software Programmers
  • Health Assistants
  • Civil Engineers
  • Food Scientists
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Statistical Analysts
  • Cybernetic Security Specialists

There is also an increasing need for specialists in the fields of foreign commerce, finance, sales, and marketing activities.

Below are the top ten technical jobs that presently give the greatest wages in Peru:

  • Interior Architecture
  • Oil, Metallurgy, and Mining Engineering
  • Civil Construction
  • Marketing
  • Electric Engineering
  • Design
  • Road Civil Construction
  • Communication Sciences
  • Machinery and Equipment Maintenance – Mechanical Engineering
  • Fishing Technology

In-Demand Skills

The work landscape in Peru is changing rapidly, and professional specialties are more prized. Professionals with professional experience and technological specialty who can foster growth in the companies are in high demand in Peru’s employment market.

Employers also look for applicants with socio-emotional “soft skills,” in addition to the necessary technical or specialized talents. Employers are searching for dynamic individuals with the aptitude to gather and evaluate industry-specific data as well as a steadfast professional vision to guide and cultivate both internal and external business partnerships.

The most desired characteristics are:

  • Teamwork
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Pro-activity
  • Responsibility
  • IT knowledge

Additionally, the majority of Peruvian employers demand higher levels of English proficiency, particularly for jobs that have an impact on foreign clients or markets.

The work market in Peru is thriving, diversified, and expanding. Both domestic and foreign workers seeking opportunity are welcome in this Latin American nation.

Work visa categories in Peru

A tourist visa or a business visa can be obtained by anyone who wants to enter Peru with the intention of working there.

A business visa is only good for 90 days, while a tourist visa is good for either 90 or 183 days.

Either form of visa is acceptable for applying for a work permit in Peru, and foreign nationals do not need to have employment lined up there before traveling there. The employee might submit an application for a working visa in Peru after finding employment.

Employees may apply for a working visa through Peru’s General Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization (DIGEMIN).


What is the minimum wage in Peru? The bare minimum that a person may be paid for his or her labor in Peru is called the Minimum Wage. The majority of nations have a national minimum wage that all employees must receive. The monthly minimum salary in Peru is 750 Peruvian nuevo soles ($294) for all employees.

Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Peru

Employees must have a visa to enter Peru before applying for a work visa. To apply for this visa, they must provide a number of papers, including:

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months after the employee will arrive in Peru
  • Copies of the front and back of the passport
  • Two copies of a completed visa application
  • A signed cover letter explaining the purpose of the trip to Peru
  • An itinerary for the time to be spent in Peru
  • Evidence of financial support for the trip, such as a personal income tax return and recent bank statements
  • A no-objection letter from the employer if a job has already been lined up in Peru

Application Process

The employee must set an appointment with the Peruvian Embassy in their nation to start the visa application procedure. An appointment can be scheduled over the phone or online in certain nations. In certain nations, the applicant can just go to the embassy to finish the process without making an appointment.

For a complete list of the papers that must be brought to the appointment, the employee should inquire with the embassy. At the appointment, the applicant will also need to present these papers and sit for an interview with a consular official. The applicant will be called by the embassy to pick up their passport and visa after the appointment and payment of the visa fee.

Although it typically takes five days, the visa application procedure might take up to 30 days. For this reason, it’s a good idea for the applicant to apply early. While this visa permits entry into Peru, your workers cannot start working for your business until they have obtained a working visa. When the employee is situated in Peru, DIGEMIN may help them apply for a work visa.

Other Important Considerations

Foreigners’ work agreements in Peru are only valid for a maximum of three years. The agreement may, however, be extended. A working visa in Peru is typically issued for the duration of the employment relationship; hence, it must also be renewed.

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