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Visa sponsorship jobs in Cambodia for foreigners 2024/2025! Looking for the current visa sponsorship jobs in Cambodia? In Cambodia, there are several work options. As the economy grows, more businesses are established year, increasing the demand for labor.

For the majority of individuals, Cambodia is among the top nations where it is easiest for foreigners to get employment. Over 99% of the employment in Cambodia today is open to everyone. However, only a very small percentage of occupations in Cambodia is open to foreigners.

Despite the fact that foreigners are employed in Cambodia, some employers may still be reluctant to take on a foreign applicant. It is important to note that all foreigners who want to go to Cambodia must have the necessary education and experience

So the work permit and visa Sponsorship In Cambodia, the Industries and Sectors that Hire in Cambodia, the current visa sponsorship jobs list in Cambodia for foreigners, how to Apply for Foreign Jobs in Cambodia, and whole lot more will be covered in this article.

What You Should Know About Cambodian Employment

The legal limit for employment in Cambodia is 48 to 60 hours a week. Low-skilled employees often make between $150 and $300 per month, technicians typically make over $600 per month, and professions needing specialized training typically pay over $1,000. It should be mentioned that these are the incomes of foreigners since the normal Cambodian earns $73 per month on average. Therefore, you may comfortably live on your pay, especially considering how inexpensive living is in the Khmer nation.

Work Permit And Visa Sponsorship In Cambodia 2024

When it comes to legal visas and work permits, Cambodia is renowned for having tight regulations on paper but lax policies in practice. However, as an employer, they must make sure every employee has the appropriate work permits for Cambodia.

Before they may sponsor foreign workers, they must also have a local license and be a business that is incorporated within the nation.

The Industries and Sectors that hire in Cambodia

Textiles, agriculture, construction, and tourism are the industries that employ the most people and have the greatest need for workers. In these fields, excellent expertise is what Cambodia wants. An executive’s or a senior manager’s degree of expertise would be highly sought after among seasoned ex-pats because it is uncommon in this nation.

Current list of Visa sponsorship jobs in Cambodia for foreigners.

Check out the current visa sponsorship jobs list for foreigners in Cambodia below:

  • Digital Sales Executive
  • CSR and Public Relation Specialist
  • Senior Supervisor Event and Activation
  • Events Specialist
  • Junior trader
  • IT Audit / IT Consultant
  • SMB Customer Support Specialist APAC
  • SMB Customer Support Manager
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Regional F&B Manager

Is it safe to work in Cambodia?

As long as you take reasonable safety precautions and remain vigilant, the Kingdom is not unsafe. The majority of ex-pats concur that living in Cambodia is safe. Many people even contend that it is safer than the major cities back home.

Cambodian requirements for securing a work visa and permit

  • company stamp on the incorporation certificate.
  • a business address in the file.
  • Tax stamp with a business logo.
  • To guarantee that the ratio does not fall below 9:1 MOC clearance, a list of all international and local personnel is required.
  • The articles of incorporation for your business.

Employees are needed to supply their own data, such as:

  • their title, gender, birthdate, and height
  • copies of their passports and ID cards
  • their E visa copy
  • their present location
  • names of their parents in full
  • Certificate in health and education
  • Information regarding their function inside the organization
  • when they originally acquired an E visa

Application for Cambodian Work Permit, Visa Sponsorship, and Employment Card

The employing firm submits an application to the MOI on behalf of its international employees for you to get a work permit and employment card. However, under the quota system, businesses, whether domestic or foreign-owned, are limited in the number of foreigners they may hire.

The above-mentioned papers can be provided to the closest Cambodian Embassy in order to apply in advance for a working visa for Cambodia. Additionally, they are accessible upon arrival at the Phnom Penh airport.

Qualifications and disqualifications for a foreigner to work in Cambodia


A foreigner must have the following qualifications to work in Cambodia:

  • Age limit is required.
  • Sponsorship certificate
  • Work permit visa
  • Vital certificates for the specific job.
  • The skills required for the job.


The following are characteristics that disqualify a foreigner from working in Cambodia.

  • Criminal Record: Anyone with a criminal record will be denied employment in Cambodia.
  • Whether or not permission to enter or remain in Cambodia has been granted.
  • The individual has a condition that prevents them from performing the work.

How to Apply for Foreign Jobs in Cambodia

The steps to apply for Jobs In Cambodia For Foreigners are listed below:

  • When directed to the official website, use the application link to look for a job.
  • You can filter the job of your choice using the search box, which is divided into various categories.
  • Examine the job description and advertisement.
  • Before proceeding, ensure that you have met all of the requirements.
  • Choose the ‘Apply Online’ option.
  • Fill out and submit your application.
  • Check your inbox for an email confirming your application.


What positions are sought after in Cambodia?

The primary economic sectors of Cambodia are garment manufacturing and tourism, although trained professionals are also in great demand. The greatest place to begin your job search, whether you want to teach English or work for a global corporation, is on internet job portals.

What is the Cambodian minimum wage?

In Cambodia, where the minimum wage is $192 as of January 2021, the same is evident. This is intended for those who work in the clothing business, such as factory employees, and is seen as being applicable to the entire nation. In the provinces or on the outskirts of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, the majority of factories are situated.

With a sizable expat population, Cambodia has recently attracted the interest of remote workers seeking a low cost of living, gorgeous culture, tropical climate, and top-notch cuisine.

Prior to applying for a job in Cambodia, be sure you are qualified to work there. Both locals and foreigners can find employment in Cambodia; examples of such positions include sales representative, software developer, customer service representative, janitor/cleaner, etc.

I hope this information about visa sponsorship positions in Cambodia proved helpful. Please comment below.

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