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2024/2025 foreigner visa sponsorship jobs in Malawi! Are you considering working abroad? Are you trying to find a job in Malawi that will sponsor your visa? There are a ton of possibilities available that might send you abroad to work or study. In contrast to individuals in their home countries, many immigrants who come to Malawi for work and education appear to succeed.

Malawi, a landlocked nation, is famous for Lake Malawi and its stunning mountains. If they intend to expand their company operations to this nation, they may benefit from top sectors including food processing, consumer products, fertilizer production, and furniture manufacturing. Before they can begin working, they must learn how to get a work visa in Malawi for each international employee.

The top Employment agencies, the list of visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners, the application method for a work visa in Malawi, the profession that pays the highest wages in Malawi, and a whole lot more will be covered in this article.

What are Malawi’s top occupations?

51.7% of Malawi’s national GDP is made up of the service sector. Tourism, retail, transportation, education, health services, telecommunications, and the banking industry are notable industries.

What profession pays the highest wages in Malawi?

Due to their 7.3 million Malawian Kwacha annual salary, doctors and surgeons are regarded as having the highest-paid occupations in Malawi (MWK). How can students in Malawi seek careers in medicine?

2024/2025 foreigner visa sponsorship jobs in Malawi

Listed below are some opportunities for foreigners seeking visa sponsorship in Malawi for the fiscal year 2024/2025:

  • Logistic Assistant
  • Communications Specialist
  • Principal Software Architect
  • Finance Manager
  • Finance clerk
  • Network Architect
  • Senior PPC Manager
  • Operations Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Driver
  • Sales Representative

Top Employment Agencies

Looking for Malawi’s Top Employment Agencies? The Top Best Employment Agencies in Malawi are listed below:

  • MyJobo
  • MalawiJob
  • Careersmw
  • Yathu Consultancy Services
  • TEC HR Consulting Limited
  • Imac Interim
  • Interim Management & Consultancy
  • Labour, Ministry Of, Employment Services
  • Unireal Services & Supplies
  • Job center

Is Malawi a good place to work?

Malawi remains one of the least developed nations in the world despite recent economic progress. Expats who wish to work in Malawi should be aware that while the political situation is more stable than in the past, there are still frequent riots and protests.

Work visa categories in Malawi

All visitors from outside Malawi must have a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the date of their anticipated departure. As citizens of several nations, including the US and Japan, do not require a visa to enter Malawi for tourism, not all passport holders will be required to obtain one.

Those who require visas can apply when they arrive at the Embassy of the Republic of Malawi. Most visa applications are handled within three business days in this nation. For short stays of 30 days or less, foreign visitors additionally need a visitor’s permission (VP) or a business visit (BV), both of which have an option to extend the permit for up to 60 days.

Conditions for Acquiring Work Visas for Malawi

Your staff will require their completed application and a current passport in addition to:

  • two photographs for a passport.
  • a thorough cover letter
  • Airline tickets and travel plans.
  • confirmed hotel reservation.
  • three months’ worth of bank statements.
  • Vaccination record for yellow fever if arriving from a risky country.

Your employees will require a temporary employment permit (TEP), which you as the employer must apply for, after obtaining a visa. This is only applicable to foreigners who have accepted an offer of work from a Malawian organization that is registered.

The following papers are necessary for this Malawi work permit:

  • application form completed.
  • contract for employment.
  • The passport must be valid.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV).
  • announcement of the position’s opening.
  • academic credentials.

Application Method for a work visa in Malawi

The “Policy Statement and New Guidelines for The Issuance and Renewal of [Expatriate] Employment Permits” must be followed when submitting an application for an employee’s TEP. You should deliver the application form, along with any necessary supporting documentation, to the regional immigration office for processing after completing it. The TEP Approval Committee will review the application after that, and the minister will make the ultimate decision.

The relevant visa costs must also be paid. Depending on your business and organization, these vary. For instance, reverends, pastors, or priests individually owe MK 30,000 while religious institutions, non-governmental organizations, and others owe MK 120,000.

Official notification of the application’s approval or denial should be sent to you. If accepted, you have 30 days from the time you get the notification to pay the necessary work permit payments. It may take some time before a foreigner is legally permitted to work with you because they must all wait outside of Malawi until permission is obtained.

Key Factors

In Malawi, work permits are initially valid for a minimum of six months and a maximum of two years. However, employees can renew their TEP twice by sending the Regional Immigration Office the TEP renewal application forms and any other supporting documentation. At least three months before the permission expires, they must submit this form.


Malawian employment

Malawi’s economy is based on agriculture, and its top exports include tobacco, food, and cotton. It does extensive business with regional and European partners and has long experienced growth.

Malawi enjoys political stability, and its economy has been growing for some years. Its sizable agriculture industry provides both senior and early-career individuals with chances. Comparable to nearby neighbors in the region is the taxation structure. Despite the fact that healthcare and educational institutions are poor, they normally serve the populace, particularly in urban areas. Private healthcare is still recommended. In spite of the fact that burglaries are frequent, the country is quite safe for those traveling there for employment.

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