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Visa sponsorship jobs in Hungary for foreigners 2023! Finding work in Hungary is not complicated. Finding a job in Hungary may appear daunting, but if you know the ins and outs of the procedure and have some assistance, it can be a simple process.

Foreign nationals’ employment is frequently subject to conditions: in Hungary, foreigners typically require both a work permit and a residency permit or a special visa in order to comply with employment regulations.

Jobs in Hungary with visa sponsorship for foreigners, Companies in Hungary that provide visa sponsorship jobs For foreigners, how to obtain employment sponsorship in Hungary, how to Apply in Hungary for a Work Visa or Work Permit, and lot more will be discussed in this article.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Hungary for foreigners 2023

The following is a list of visa sponsorship jobs in Hungary for foreigners.

  • Associate Consultant (Hungary)
  • IT/Digital Trainee – Csömör, Hungary
  • Head of Marketing and Communication
  • Program Coordinator – Generation Veeva
  • Senior Finance Manager 3 – CM&U Europe
  • Junior Capabilities & Insights Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Senior Manager
  • Market Analytics Analyst
  • Database Administrator 3-IT
  • QA Engineer
  • Digital Data Analyst
  • Technical Packaging Team Specialist – Administrator
  • Quality Consultant – Post-Implementation Services
  • Senior Sourcer – Core Functions
  • Clinical Senior Consultant – Post-Implementation Services
  • Quality Senior Consultant – Post-Implementation Services
  • React Native Developer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • UI Designer
  • Global Incentives Operations Manager (m/f)
  • Java Developer
  • Manager – Financial Services

Companies in Hungary that provide Visa sponsorship Jobs

The following are some of the firms that provide Visa sponsorship positions in Hungary:

  • Allianz Hungary
  • GE Gas Power
  • MSCI Inc
  • Oracle
  • Veeva Systems
  • PwC
  • Allegis Global Solutions
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Procter & Gamble
  • NonStop Consulting Limited
  • Arconic
  • Super charge
  • MSD


How to get sponsorship to work in Hungary

To obtain sponsorship to work in Hungary, apply for a position with an organization that provides sponsorship to non-EEA nationals. You can apply for an employment permit after you receive a formal work offer. After that, you may apply for a work visa, and if accepted, you can come to Hungary to work.

The first thing to remember is that not everyone will require sponsorship to work in Hungary. If you are a British or European Union citizen, you will be allowed to work in the UK without the requirement for sponsorship.

Individuals from non-EEA nations may require sponsorship (outside the UK, EU, and Switzerland). Individuals who intend to work in Hungary must apply for a work visa.

What is the highest paying job in Hungary?

Profession  Average monthly gross income in HUF
Air traffic controller 1 353 055
Head of research and development conducting unit 952 980
Leader of social- (advocacy groups) and other organizations 1 176 372
Head of business service conducting unit 857 094
Head of corporate strategic planning unit 707 478
Tax consultant, tax practitioner 713 976
Head of accounting and financial activities conducing unit 715 263
Head of units conducting financial services 721 222
Head of IT and telecommunication service unit 787 787
Personal manager, head of human political services conducting unit 692 524
Software-and application developer,-analyst 545 077
Financial analyst and investment counsellor 574 876
Sportsman/woman 607 984
Attorney 626 984
Telecommunication engineer 594 147
Pilot, shipping engineer 619 038
Head of ads-, PR-, and other telecommunication services 666 840
Broker and financial agent 551 760
Economic analyst 562 172

The required Visas and Permits in Hungary

Acquiring the necessary documentation, as well as implementing your personnel in a new area (both international and domestic), necessitate the employment of an in-house professional department – and each new country has its unique set of requirements.

We are professionals in Hungarian recruitment and payroll and can ensure that an employee arrives in Hungary with the proper visa and permit papers.

What types of Work Visas and Permits in Hungary are there?

There are a few work permits and visas available for foreign nationals entering Hungary to work:

Types of Permits 

  • Individual work permit – For foreign nationals who wish to work in Hungary for a maximum of 90 days in a 180-day period.
  • Joint work permit – For foreign nationals who want to stay in Hungary for more than 90 days in a 180-day period.
  • Residence permits – allows for up to 90 days of residency in Hungary
  • Single application procedure – Non-EEA nationals who desire to spend more than 90 days in Hungary within a 180-day period. This form of permission may only be obtained through a work relationship with a Hungarian employer.

How to obtain a Hungarian Work Visa?

Non-EEA workers will require a Long-Stay Visa, a work permit, and a residency permit in order to work in Hungary. One typical method is to complete them through the work permit’s single application process.

The paperwork required for a work permit application depends on the type of permit being sought, but both the employer and the national immigration authorities, as well as the foreign national, must cooperate.

When a non-EEA national applies to work in Hungary and has been employed by a Hungarian employer for more than 90 days within a 180-day period, they must use the single application method.

The following papers must be translated into Hungarian or English and legalized in order to apply for a visa or residence permit (however the paperwork requirements may change depending on the nation where the non-EEA employee works):

  • The application form can be handed in or submitted electronically.
  • A valid passport: Your passport must have been issued within the previous ten years, have at least two blank pages, and be valid for at least three more months than the period of the visa.
  • Pictures: Color passport photos that were taken at or near the time of application.
  • a letter of recommendation from a potential employer (original and copy from government e-portal)
  • evidence of enough resources and funding
  • evidence of accommodations
  • Making bookings for flights
  • evidence of health coverage
  • certified duplicate of an active employment contract
  • evidence of the expertise and credentials of the employee
  • Any required licenses, accreditations, references, or certifications

How much is a Hungary Work Visa?

There is a EUR 60 visa cost for applicants. The administrative charge, if filed in Hungary, is HUF 18,000

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