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Visa sponsorship jobs in Burundi for foreigners 2024/2025! Burundi, a landlocked nation in East Africa, with a low income economy and an agricultural sector that employs 80% of the workforce. Burundi is a country in the Great Lakes region bordered to the north by Rwanda, the east by Tanzania, the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the south by Lake Tanganyika.

12.2 million people live in Burundi, one of the countries with the densest populations in the world. Of these, 50.6% are women and 41.5% are children under the age of 15. (Population forecast for 2020). There are numerous work options for foreigners in Burundi.

Unless you are a citizen of an EAC member, you need a visa to work in Burundi. It is advised to work there before applying because your new company may frequently sponsor your application.

In this post, we give you information about jobs in Burundi that will sponsor visas for foreign nationals as well as information on the typical wage in the country, work permits for Burundi, how long it takes to get a visa for Burundi, and much more.

Burundi’s economy

Burundi’s economy is based on the production of food, primarily through the export of coffee, tea, and sugar to international partners.

Agriculture is the country’s principal industry, and many people live off the land. The nation has tight ties with EAC partners on a regional level.

Burundi has made significant progress in terms of quality and access to education. Since the introduction of free primary education in 2005, the Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) in primary education reached 118% during the 2021/2022 school year without significant variation between provinces, gender or wealth levels.

Latest Employment in Burundi

Burundi presents difficult social and professional conditions. The bulk of positions for highly qualified people are found in nonprofit and charity organizations. Anyone working there is encouraged to have insurance and access to private amenities because the country’s healthcare and education systems are underdeveloped.

The population generally has very low income levels, which limits social living and leads to a decline in social activities. Before receiving a job offer, moving to Burundi is not recommended.

Jobs in Burundi 2024/2025 that will sponsor foreigners’ visas

Below is a list of available positions in Burundi that offer foreigners a visa sponsorship.

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer
  • Automobile Engineer
  • Civil Site Engineer
  • Operations Manager
  • Front End Lead
  • Senior C# Cross Platform Software Engineer
  • Communication Consultants

In Burundi, what is the average salary?

The standard salary range for workers in Burundi is between 722,587.00 BIF (poor earnings; actual wages may be significantly lower) to 2,327,845.00 BIF (high salaries, actual salaries can be even higher). This is the monthly wage in its entirety, including bonuses.


Burundi work permit

Work permit types and their reissue schedules.

According to the current National and Regional rules, Burundi issues work permits.

  • 2 years,
  • 5 years and
  • Undetermined

Documents necessary:

  • a copy of your passport
  • image of a settlement visa
  • Document confirming the applicant’s line of work
  • diploma of the applicant or any other record attesting to their professional abilities

Work permit price:

  • 3% of the employer’s annual compensation is deducted.

What is Burundi famous for most?

Burundi is known for a variety of things, despite being a problematic and unpredictable nation. Along with its coffee and tea, it is renowned for its hospitality. But Burundi’s most noticeable asset is how many parks and reserves there are there.

How long does it take to obtain a visa for Burundi?

A Burundi short-term visa typically takes 10-15 working days to process. Depending on the nation where you apply for your visa.

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