Visa sponsorship jobs in Guatemala for foreigners 2023/2024 | Current Skilled/Unskilled job vacancies

Visa sponsorship jobs in Guatemala for foreigners 2023/2024! Guatemala is a long-standing driving force in Central America. It is the largest country in the area, with a population of over 16 million people, and a favorite tourist destination for foreign travelers from all over the world. While Guatemala is one of the poorest nations in the area, it also has the largest economy in Central America, therefore there are many various ways to work abroad in Guatemala.

One of a company’s first priorities when considering a Guatemalan expansion is probably assembling a group of qualified personnel to move there with them. But the corporation will need to make sure they have the necessary permits before they can start residing and working in Guatemala.

This article will cover a wide range of topics, including the visa sponsorship jobs in Guatemala, the kinds of work visas available in Guatemala, the application process for work visas, an overview of the Guatemalan economy, and much more.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Guatemala for foreigners 2023

The following is a list of visa sponsorship options in Guatemala for foreigners year 2023/2024:

  • Customer Service Agent
  • English teacher
  • Bussines Analyst (Supervisor)
  • Hotel Staff
  • AI Data Solutions | Project Coordinator
  • General Accountant
  • Automation Sales Specialist Engineer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Business Analyst/Project Coordinator
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance Manager
  • Human Resources/Payroll Specialist

Work Visa Categories in Guatemala

Foreign nationals planning to work or study in Guatemala will need to obtain a visa, just like everyone else. The following visas and permits are available:

  • Business visas
  • Tourist visas
  • Student visas
  • Work permits

To foreign nationals who wish to work in Guatemala, the Guatemalan government issues two types of work permits. These permits are required for:

  • Expatriates who have Guatemalan-born spouses or children.
  • Foreign nationals who have received a job offer from a Guatemalan company.

The conditions and application processes for these two types of work permits differ somewhat. Employees in the first group, for example, may apply on their own behalf, whereas international workers without relatives in Guatemala can expect their employer to file the work permit application on their behalf.

Work Visa Requirements in Guatemala

When applying for a Guatemalan work visa, applicants who have wives or children in Guatemala must provide the following documents:

  • An employment offer in writing.
  • Police records from their home country
  • A copy of their birth or marriage certificate establishing their relationship to a Guatemalan citizen.
  • A formal request was sent to the Ministry of Labor in Guatemala.
  • A copy of the applicant’s temporary or permanent visa, or evidence of a pending visa application.

Those who do not fit into this group can get a work permit application form from the Ministry of Labor; nevertheless, it is the obligation of their employer to submit it on their behalf. Personal documents should be submitted to the company together with the potential employee’s application.

To get a temporary residence visa, applicants must provide the following information:

  • A current passport photograph.
  • A valid passport, as well as a duplicate.
  • Certification of the passport’s validity from the applicant’s lawful country of residence
  • A criminal record check.
  • Documentation and financial statements from the applicant’s guarantor in Guatemala, such as the employing company

The work visa Application Procedure

Before foreign nationals can work in Guatemala, they need a temporary residence permit as well as a work permit. It’s necessary to begin the process with the application for a temporary residence permit, as proof of the application is a minimum requirement to obtain a work permit. The applicant (or the company, depending on the status of the prospective employee) should provide the necessary documents to the General Directorate of Migration and wait for the approval.

The application procedure for a Guatemalan work permit is similar. The application form and accompanying documents should be submitted to the Guatemalan Ministry of Labor by the prospective employee or the employer depending on the category of work permit required.

The issue of the work permit typically takes 10 to 15 days after the Ministry of Labor has been given the required paperwork. A foreign citizens can go to Guatemala after they have both a work permit and a temporary residency visa.

Significant Factors

It is important for workers to understand that receiving a visa does not ensure their admission into Guatemala. The immigration officers in charge at the border or point of entry in Guatemala have the final say.

How much do Guatemalan teachers get paid?

Salaries for paid teaching employment in Guatemala are modest (ranging from $2-14 USD/hour), but the cost of living in Guatemala is also cheap. Teachers with prior experience and some type of ESL certification, such as a TEFL, are preferred for higher-paying employment.

What is the official language of Guatemala?

Guatemalans are able to speak 25 different languages. The most widely used and official language is Spanish. In addition, there are two more Indigenous languages, Garfuna and Xinca, and 22 other Mayan languages.


Overview of the Economy in Guatemala

13.5% of Guatemala’s GDP is made up of the agricultural sector, which also accounts for 2/5 of exports. The agricultural industry employs between 30 and 50% of the working force, with the primary crops being coffee, sugar, and bananas. Guatemala is also the world’s leading producer and exporter of cardamom.

Another significant component of the GDP is manufacturing, which is mostly made up of food processing and assembly facilities called maquila plants where raw materials are imported, manufactured into goods, and then exported once again.

Guatemala’s largest commercial partner is the United States of America, which also provides a second source of revenue. Remittances from Guatemala’s vast expatriate community in America are the country’s largest single source of foreign revenue, accounting for one-tenth of GDP.

Tourism has also played a role, with travelers traveling to explore Lake Atitlan in the Highlands and learn about Mayan history and ruins. The private sector accounts for around 85% of GDP.

Although Guatemala is well known for its natural beauty and extensive history, this Central American nation has a lot more to offer, including rewarding prospects for foreigners and enterprises from around the world.

What is the average pay in Guatemala?

In Guatemala, the minimum monthly wage for export manufacturers is presently 2,831.77 Quetzales, plus incentives. In other industries, the minimum wage is greater, at 3075 Quetzales per month, or a little under $400 USD.

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