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Visa sponsorship in Chile for foreigners 2024/2025! Chile is a long, thin country on South America’s western tip, having about 6,000 kilometers of the Pacific Ocean coastline. Santiago, the capital, is located in a valley bordered by the Andes and the Chilean Coast Range. From Patagonia to the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains, Chile regularly draws tourists and foreign nationals alike. 

In terms of stability and economic growth, Chile is among the most developed nations in Latin America, comparable to Poland or Turkey (in terms of GDP per capita). Its labor market is heavily geared toward service and resource-based businesses (such as mining, forestry, agriculture, and aquiculture), and for the past forty years, it has benefited from virtually uninterrupted economic expansion.

Are you a foreigner who wants to go to Chile to live and work but is unsure of where to look for employment or how to obtain a work permit? Are you in need of a visa-sponsored job in Chile? The list of visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners, the companies hiring for Sponsorship jobs in Chile, the Cost of living, and working circumstances will be covered in this article.

What companies are hiring for Sponsorship jobs in Chile?

The top companies hiring now for Sponsorship jobs are:

  • Caterpillar
  • Maersk
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Teach For All
  • Novartis
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • CDM Smith
  • Visa
  • Mandiant
  • Openpath Security Inc.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Chile for foreigners 2024

The following is the list of the current visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners:

  • Sales Support Consultant
  • Customer Experience Agent Chile
  • Regional Marketing
  • Business Systems Analyst III
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Associate Consultant – Market & Strategic Research
  • Transportation CEI Technical Discipline Leader
  • Helpdesk Analyst
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Sr. Project Manager
  • Quantitative Software Developer

Cost of living and working circumstances

The working conditions in Chile are something to think about before relocating there. Although Chile has a good standard of living, earnings there are unexpectedly low, and in Santiago, the cost of living is equivalent to that of places like Berlin or Amsterdam.

  • Time: Chileans only get three weeks of vacation each year, along with a few national holidays, and they work 45 hours per week (0900-1900). (feriados). Holidays are typically taken by workers in January or February.
  • Money: 270k CLP (425 USD) a month is the minimum wage in Chile, yet many people don’t make much more than this. However, it is uncommon to find Chileans with years of job experience earning more than 2,500k CLP (3,800 USD) as monthly net pay. Recent university graduates may make 600k-1000k CLP (920-1400 USD).
  • Living expenses: In Chile, certain items are relatively affordable (such as food bought at a local market), while others are highly costly (like health care and education). To meet your basic necessities, you need to budget at least 500-700k CLP (700-1100 USD) for each person each month (i.e. room in a shared apartment, food, public transport, and some pocket money for going out occasionally).

Work Visa Types in Chile

All international workers should apply for a work visa after they have received a job offer or employment contract in Chile. Chile enacted new immigration legislation in 2020 to improve its immigration system, which was then published in April 2021 and revised in 2023.

Chile’s visa categories have been reorganized in accordance with the new law, with the phase-out of the existing residence and work permit categories and the introduction of a new Temporary Residence Visa category with 16 subcategories.

Foreigners who wish to live and work in Chile now need to apply for a Temporary Residence Visa. This new visa may be issued for a maximum of two years and may be extended indefinitely in increments of two years. The following visa subclasses are offered:

  • Permits for foreign employees (employed by a firm or self-employed)
  • Seasonal worker permits
  • Permits for investors, managers, directors, and specialists
  • Permits for foreign executives or directors who go to Chile on a regular basis for business 

It’s also worth noting that under the new work permit, foreign workers cannot be hired and paid by a domestic firm. Foreign employees must be hired and paid by a firm in Chile, and have a local work contract, employment offer, or services contract that shows this, according to the new law.

Chile is anticipated to issue additional explanations and recommendations regarding the new visa categories and rules.

Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Chile

To get a working visa in Chile, employees must provide a number of papers, including:

  • copies of passports that are still valid for at least a year after the application.
  • evidence of their legal status in their own country.
  • One colorful passport-sized photograph with an off-white or pure-white backdrop was taken in a studio.
  • copies of their reservation and itinerary.
  • evidence of a hotel reservation or lodging.
  • the three-month worth of bank statements.
  • a longer-than-three-month local employment offer, job contract, or services agreement.
  • an invitation letter, if necessary.
  • a letter outlining all the justifications for their journey.

Since Chile employs an online facility for applying for visas, all supporting documentation must be in PDF format. Depending on the type of document, they also require certain names. The flight reservation, for instance, need to be labeled “YourLastNameFlightReservation.” Additionally, it’s a good idea to save all original documents and bring them with you while applying for a visa to Chile.


Application Methodology

Anyone wanting to apply for a work permit in Chile may do so on the website of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks to the country’s digitization of the application process. The applicant should go to the nearby Chile Consulate to obtain the visa stamped on their passport after submitting the online application.

In exceptional circumstances, applicants may be permitted to submit their application in person at a Chilean Consulate or pick up their visa abroad. But the standard application procedure consists of the following steps:

  • beginning the online application for a visa to Chile.
  • addressing all inquiries.
  • electronic copies of all necessary papers are attached.
  • awaiting the processing of the visa.
  • arriving at the embassy or consulate.
  • the Chilean visa fee.
  • being granted the visa.

This visa must be sponsored by a firm in order for you to legally be able to work in Chile. If a corporation claims you don’t require a work visa, they are breaching the law, and you risk being deported if they are found out. When English schools manage their employees’ visas improperly, this issue frequently arises.

This information about visa sponsorship work in Chile is provided with the sincere hope that it may be useful to you. Please use the comment area below if you have any more queries or remarks.

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