Visa sponsorship jobs in Liechtenstein for foreigners 2024/2025 Check out Skilled/Unskilled Job positions Here

Do you want to work in a European country? Looking for visa-sponsored jobs/employment in Liechtenstein for foreigners? Do you want to learn more about working in Liechtenstein? If you are an international ex-pat, a foreign student, or a Liechtenstein citizen looking for best-recruiting agencies with open employment opportunities in Liechtenstein, you have come to the correct place.

There are more jobs in Liechtenstein than people. Every day, more than half of the workforce goes from abroad to Liechtenstein. Dream jobs in the industry, finance, and manufacturing attract talented individuals to the Principality. Companies in Liechtenstein provide these individuals with appealing professions with promising future possibilities.

The requirements for obtaining work visas for Liechtenstein, the top recruitment agencies in Liechtenstein, and more are all covered in this article. You also learn about the current visa sponsorship positions available in Liechtenstein for foreign nationals.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Liechtenstein for foreigners 2024

Liechtenstein is a landlocked nation in Central Europe bordered to the west and south by Switzerland and to the east and north by Austria. Half of Liechtenstein is mountainous, so you can picture the stunning view you will wake up to every day.

Check out the current visa sponsorship jobs in Liechtenstein for foreigners below:

  • Supplier Quality Manager
  • Project Manager Packaging
  • IT Support
  • Project Manager
  • Sales & Product Manager
  • Junior Marketing Manager
  • Accountant
  • Marketing Operation Manager
  • Procurement Project Manager
  • Trust Adminisstraytion Officer

The fundamental prerequisites for Liechtenstein work visas

The criteria for a Liechtenstein work visa differ based on the kind of visa. However, the following are the essential prerequisites that most individuals will need to meet:

  • A valid passport
  • Passport photos
  • Application forms
  • Application fees
  • Proof of relevant qualifications/work experience


Liechtenstein work visa classifications

The visa regulations for Swiss residents and inhabitants of European Economic Area nations differ from those for citizens of other countries. Swiss citizens do not require any visas or licenses to lawfully work in Liechtenstein, but must typically remain Swiss residents.

EEA residents are also permitted to work without complete work permits; however, they must register with the Migration and Passport office within ten days after beginning employment and must continue to reside in their home countries. For these reasons, the majority of foreign employees come from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

Anyone wishing to live in Liechtenstein must first get a residency permit. However, because they are highly controlled and the government only distributes a limited number each year, they are often impractical for most individuals.

How to Obtain a Work Visa in Liechtenstein

For the reasons stated above, most foreigners find it impossible to work in Liechtenstein unless they are residents of adjacent EEA countries or Switzerland, hence it is normally advisable to employ from these countries when feasible.

If you hire someone from a third country (somewhere other than Switzerland or the EEA), they may be eligible to receive a temporary residence visa. In most circumstances, they will need to be highly qualified in their profession or at the management level. It is also important to show that no appropriate staff could be located in EEA nations, Switzerland, or Liechtenstein.

Other factors to consider

Because of the complexities of the visa procedure and the limited amount of eligible residence permits, companies should begin the application process as soon as feasible.

Recruiters in liechtenstein

The following are some of the recruitment agencies in Liechtenstein:

  • ASSO Personal AG
  • Pwc
  • EMB Contampory Art
  • personalbertung das team
  • Der Profi
  • Major Personal managenent international

What is the average salary in Liechtenstein?

Living expenses, electricity, transportation, mandated health insurance, and other fixed expenditures account for around half of an average person’s salary. Depending on the sector, the average monthly salary ranges between 3500 and 9000 Swiss francs.

The official language of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein’s official language is German: Most Liechtensteiners speak an Alemannic dialect, which differs from Standard German but is closely connected to dialects spoken in nearby countries such as Switzerland and Vorarlberg, Austria. Walser dialect is spoken in Triesenberg.

Is English spoken in Liechtenstein?

English. English is used less often. It is the primary language used to educate higher education students. As a result, English has grown to become the most popular second language in Liechtenstein. 30 Jul 2019
Foreigners may easily find jobs in Liechtenstein. The economy is entirely focused on tourism and foreign investors establishing businesses in the nation.

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