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Kazakhstan employment for foreigners requiring visa sponsorship 2024/2025! Several organisations establish operations in Kazakhstan because of its workplace culture’s resemblance to that of Western countries. Kazakhstan has the largest economy in Central Asia. It’s an excellent location for work, but it’s critical that each employee has the necessary visas and permits to work in Kazakhstan.

You will require a work permit, which will be arranged by your company and may entail significant price and form filing, to be able to legally work and live in Kazakhstan. Legal consultants are often used by many companies to ensure that everything is done correctly.

The list of Kazakhstan employment for foreigners requiring visa sponsorship, the best Kazakhstan recruitment agencies, the living expenses in Kazakhstan, the application method for work visa in Kazakhstan, and much more will be provided in this article.

Best Kazakhstani recruitment agencies 2024

In search of Kazakhstan’s Best Employment Agencies? Below is a list of Kazakhstan’s Top Best Employment Agencies Companies.

  • Optimist Recruitment Agency
  • ISP GROUP Recruitment LLP
  • ISPGroup Agency
  • VRV consultants
  • RECCOM Recruiting agency
  • SAYA Agency
  • Optimum Consulting Services
  • Century Values Agency
  • Elite Agency
  • FMI Professional LLP
  • Century values Recruiting Agency
  • HR consulting center for organizational development

Kazakhstan employment for foreigners requiring visa sponsorship 2024

The following is the list of Kazakhstan jobs for foreigners requiring visa sponsorship 2022/2024:

  • Warehouseman
  • Laboratory Coordinator
  • Financial Analyst
  • Retail Sales Assistant
  • Accountant
  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Front End developer
  • Chemical Process Engineer
  • Sales Manager
  • Teaching assistant, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • QA Engineer
  • Python Developer
  • Delivery driver

Can students in Kazakhstan work?

An international student must possess a work permit in order to remain and work in Kazakhstan. Work permits are typically arranged by the employer after both parties have signed an employment contract. A work permit from Kazakhstan may be valid for a minimum of 90 days and for a maximum of one to three years.

What are the living expenses in Kazakhstan?

Without rent, a family of four is anticipated to spend $1,451 ($686,885) per month. Without rent, the anticipated monthly expenses for a single individual are 401 dollars (189,751). In comparison to the United States, Kazakhstan has an average cost of living that is 62.09% lower. The average rent in Kazakhstan is 80.43% less than it is in the US.

Work visa types available in Kazakhstan

There are five different kinds of work visas available to foreign workers in Kazakhstan:

  • Foreign employees who have been issued a work permit by a Kazakhstani employer are eligible for the M1 visa.
  • M2 visa: Dependents of foreign workers on M1 visas are eligible to receive M2 visas.
  • Foreign nationals who must travel to Kazakhstan to finalize their work authorization with regional authorities are given the M3 visa.
  • M4 visa: Entrepreneurs or “business immigrants” are eligible for this visa.
  • M5 visa: Seasonal workers are given M5 visas.

The bulk of employees probably require the most prevalent M1 visa.

Kazakhstan work visa prerequisites

Your business will require visa support from the Kazakhstani Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to get work visas for your staff. You must submit the following paperwork:

  • a letter attesting to the foreign worker’s invitation from the company.
  • a certified copy of the current charter of the employer.
  • a copy of the work permit notarized.
  • The power of attorney for the employer.
  • proof that the employer’s taxes are current.
  • evidence that the consular charge has been paid.

The following papers must be provided in order to receive the M1 visa itself:

  • a finished visa application.
  • the applicant’s passport.
  • one photo the size of a passport.
  • a document showing that the consular charge been paid.

Application Method for work visa in Kazakhstan

Depending on the kind of visa your employees require, their job title and pay, as well as a number of other considerations, the application process differs. Typically, the procedure starts with a search of the labor market to discover if any qualified job seekers in Kazakhstan could fill the position. The employer should start this investigation.

Your employee should go through a health examination when you determine the requirement for a foreign worker. Your business should next submit a work permit application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the necessary paperwork as the employer.

The employee should go to the Kazakhstani embassy or consulate in their country to request an entry visa after the work permit has been approved. The employee can be asked to submit documents to support their application, such as their job contract, resume, evidence of lodgings in Kazakhstan, and other papers. The easiest way to guarantee that the employee has the necessary papers before applying is to get in touch with the embassy.

Upon arrival in Kazakhstan with a valid visa, workers must register with the Migration Police.

Important Factors to Consider

Each year, the government of Kazakhstan limits the number of work licenses granted to foreign nationals. Due to this restriction and the somewhat complicated visa application process, many organizations seek to get visas for only skilled foreign personnel and hire Kazakhstani citizens where possible.


Is it safe to live in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is an usually secure country to live in. However, there are also problems between the rich and the poor; particularly in urban areas, there are muggings and thefts. Therefore, it is advisable that expats avoid walking alone, use pre-arranged taxis, and stay in well-lit, densely populated locations. 

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