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Jobs in Georgia that can sponsor foreigners for visas in 2024/2025! The low cost of living, numerous opportunities for economic growth, dynamic multiethnic communities, and spectacular landscapes just waiting to be explored make Georgia an increasingly appealing place for foreigners to relocate. There are several ways to get employment in Georgia if you are a foreigner looking for visa sponsorship, albeit it could take some time.

Before looking into details of Visa Sponsorship jobs in Georgia for foreigners you need to know that Agriculture and mining make up the bulk of Georgia’s industry, which is heavily dependent on imports. It has a sizable hydropower capability that can supply the bulk of the energy needs of the people. All three have played a significant role in the nation’s post-1990 economic recovery, which has produced a strong GDP.

You will learn more about the visa sponsorship jobs that are open to foreigners in Georgia, the Work visa classifications in Georgia, how foreigners can apply for Jobs In Georgia, and a lot more by reading this page.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Georgia for foreigners 2024

The following are the visa sponsorship jobs in Georgia for foreigners:

  • Engineers
  • Forklift Driver/Warehouse Associate
  • Field Engineering Specialist
  • Service Technician
  • Construction Management Professional
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Senior Transportation Project Manager
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Alternative Delivery Project Manager Director
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Support Representative(SSR)
  • Domestic Customer Service Agent
  • Manager, Sales Excellence
  • Director of Food and Beverage
  • Assistant Professor
  • Intensivist

Work visa classifications in Georgia

Foreign nationals planning to visit Georgia must first decide which form of visa they need and what type of residency status they should apply for. the various types of visas available in Georgia:

  • Diplomatic visas (Type A)
  • Special visas (Type B)
  • Ordinary visas (Type C)
  • Immigration visas (Type D)
  • Transit visas (Type C)

Applicants may select either a short-term or long-term visa from among these categories. Long-term visas automatically permit numerous entries, whereas short-term visas can be obtained with one or more entries.

A long-term visa, which serves as a work permit and enables the bearer to seek a residence permit after arriving in Georgia, is required for foreign nationals who wish to work in Georgia.

Conditions to Apply for Georgia Work Visas

The demands for visas might differ from one embassy to the next. Having stated that a few of the standards are as follows:

  • a completed, signed application for a visa
  • a current passport with a minimum of one blank page for entrance stamps
  • a contract for employment with a Georgia-based business
  • the cost of the visa

The Application Procedure

Foreign nationals should contact the closest Georgian consulate or embassy to start the visa application procedure. The embassy staff will have access to an accurate and current list of the prerequisites for the visa.

Through Georgia’s electronic application submission system, foreign employees may apply for visas online. Prior to starting their visa application, applicants should acquire all the supporting documentation. After submitting an online application, the applicant must send the embassy a second, fully completed hard copy of the application together with the necessary paperwork. The applicant may in some circumstances mail these documents to the embassy. In every other case, they should deliver them personally to the embassy.

The employee’s visa application will be granted, and they may go to Georgia. They will require a residency permit from the Public Service development agency once they arrive. Couples and children under the employee’s care who go to Georgia also require residency permits. Foreign employees’ residence permits are good for a year, following which they can be extended for an additional five years.

Additional Relevant Factors

Employees should take into account their desired start date in Georgia and make plans appropriately because the processing time for a long-term visa is often 30 calendar days.

Additionally, foreign workers should be informed that they cannot work in Georgia while on a tourist visa or another type of temporary visa. In prior years, it was feasible to do so, however, the visa regulations have subsequently altered.


What language is spoken in Georgia?

Georgia’s official language is Georgian. The script used to write it is Mkhedruli. It is the Kartvelian language that is most extensively used.

Georgia accounting jobs with sponsorship

Check out the visa sponsorship accounting jobs in Georgia below:

  • Project Finance Assistant I
  • Manufacturing Support Staff
  • Accounting Manager I AP
  • Financial Accounting Lead
  • Materials Accounting Coordinator
  • Senior Associate, Financial Services – Consumer Compliance Banking
  • Accounting Manager II Financial Reporting
  • Customer Support Business Analyst

How foreigners can apply for Jobs In Georgia

Gather What You’ll Need:

A resume that displays your expertise, skills, and talents is typically required for job applications. Make sure your CV demonstrates how your skills align with the requirements of the position.

Find Job Openings :

Employer websites, job fairs, networking, and government databases may all be used to uncover employment prospects in Georgia.

Please keep in mind to stay away from job scams that take your money and personal information. It’s crucial to safeguard your identity when looking for work since scammers frequently target job searchers.

Apply for a Job:

Read the job advertisement for application procedures when you come across a position you’re interested in. Online or in-person applications may be required of you. When applying, make careful to modify your cover letter and CV to meet the requirements of the business and the job description.

A job interview may be requested by potential employers. This can be done verbally, visually, or in person. Additionally, more than one interview or interview with different people may be required of you.

Any foreign country can provide gratifying and worthwhile opportunities for living and working abroad. Georgia has more obstacles than some, but also a variety of benefits that no other state can match. A relocation to Georgia is probably going to be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life, from the distinctive architecture to the kind neighbors, memorable landscapes to the superb food.

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