Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Pakistan for foreigners 2024/2025 | Skilled/Unskilled Check Job Vacancies Here

Are you looking for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Pakistan for Foreigners so that you can relocate there to look for work? Do you want to find a Visa Sponsored Job in Pakistan as a Foreigner? Do you want to know how both skilled and unskilled foreigner can work in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a developing country; if you’re thinking about moving there to land a job, this article will help you learn more. Foreigners can obtain Pakistani citizenship if they meet the requirements outlined in this post.

You will discover in this article visa Sponsorship jobs in Pakistan for foreigners, how to get a job in Pakistan as a foreigner, requirements for Pakistan Work Visa in Pakistan, visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in Pakistan, and a whole more.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Pakistan for foreigners 2024

Here is the list of some the available visa sponsored jobs in Pakistan for foreigners:

  • HC Specialist
  • Senior Application Consultant
  • Analyst Fraud operation
  • Advisory Associate
  • Operations/Comms Assistant (Field Support)
  • Senior Airport Services Agent
  • Senior Programme Officer (Project Coordination)
  • PS to Chairman
  • HRIS Specialist
  • Independence/Ethics – Specialist
  • Immigration and Business Travel Consultant
  • Senior Associate
  • Analyst Dispute Management Payment and Financials
  • Portfolio Manager

How to get a job in Pakistan as a foreigner

To legally live and work in Pakistan as a foreign employee, you must have a work visa. To apply for the visa, they must have a job offer and meet certain requirements. All work visas are valid for one year and can be used multiple times in Pakistan. Employees can also extend their permit yearly once it has been approved.


What is a work permit for sponsorship?

The permit will allow you to issue certificates for the sponsorship of compatible and suitable foreign employees. As a result, this visa fulfills the basic requirement of providing you with a job in Pakistan and the Work Permit Pakistan.

Requirements for Pakistan Work Visa

There are several prerequisites for obtaining a work visa or permit in Pakistan. Among the documents required are:

  • Passport of the employee
  • A picture of the employee
  • The SECP registration letter for your company
  • BOI/MOI recommendation letter for an extension
  • contact information
  • On company letterhead, undertake
  • The cover letter of the employee
  • Covering letter printed on company letterhead
  • company information
  • The employment contract
  • FBR NTN certification for the company

Before submitting the forms to the embassy, the applicant must create four identical sets of their application, the first two pages of their passport, and four copies of the letter of guarantee stating that the applicant is employed with the company. Regardless of their country of origin, they must complete all forms in English. If you applied for a job through an employment agency, your recruitment agency may sponsor this work visa.

Visa Sponsorship Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan

Recruitment agencies are third-party organizations that help employers find qualified candidates. Employers assign them the task of finding candidates for open positions within their organizations in order to save time and money and to gain access to a larger candidate pool that a direct advertisement and company network cannot reach.

Here are some Recruitment agencies in Pakistan:

  • A.M international
  • Ali Zafar Recruitng Agency
  • Gulzar International Agency
  • PRG Pakistan
  • Executive Network International

In Pakistan, the minimum wage for unskilled workers is currently around Rs. 15,000 ($125) per month. These employees lack technical training and expertise. Maids, fast food or grocery workers, and janitors are some examples. High skilled workers, on the other hand, earn Rs. 41,100 ($339) per month on average. These employees have specialized training and skill sets to carry out their duties. Technicians, electricians, specialists, and so on.

Wages in Pakistan remain low in comparison to neighboring countries such as India and China.

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