Visa sponsorship jobs in Philippines for foreigners 2024/2025 | Current Skilled/Unskilled Jobs opportunities

Another opportunity for Jobs with Visa sponsorship in Philippines for foreigners 2023/2024! The Republic of the Philippines, sometimes known as the Philippines, is an archipelago nation in Southeast Asia. It is located in the western Pacific Ocean and is made up of roughly 7,641 islands that are largely divided into Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao from north to south. Seeking employment? Find jobs in the Philippines that sponsor visas today.

The Philippines is a popular destination for expats and businesses who are expanding internationally thanks to its tropical climate and thriving economy. The Philippines, however, has unique laws surrounding visas for foreign nationals who seek to live and work within its boundaries, just like any other nation.

Are you curious to learn more about the Philippine labor market? Have you been trying to get the most recent list of Visa sponsorship jobs in the Philippines but have been unsuccessful? Do you want to learn more about the requirements for a work visa in the Philippines and how to apply for one there? Reading this essay will help you get the answers you seek.

Philippines-based employment and Visa jobs 2024

Expats working in the Philippines will experience a multiethnic, multicultural workplace that is impacted by Chinese, Spanish, American, Malay, and Malay cultures. The nation’s economy is just getting started, and its labor force is highly qualified and educated.

Many multinational corporations have regional headquarters in Metro Manila, which is seen as a gateway to Southeast Asia. Makati is home to many of these regional offices.

In addition to being the Philippines’ financial and commercial center, Makati serves as the country’s diplomatic hub, and as a result, a sizable number of foreigners live and work here.

Work visa categories in the Philippines

Foreigners seeking access into the Philippines can apply for a variety of visa kinds. People traveling to the Philippines for work or business may need the following visas and permits:

  • Temporary Visitor’s Visa for Organizations
  • Special Non-Immigrant Visa for International Treaty Traders and Investors Under E.O. 226 Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
  • 9(g) Pre-Arranged Commercial Employee Visa
  • Temporary Work Permit
  • Unique Work Permit

Since the 9(g) visa is the most prevalent type of visa awarded to foreign citizens travelling to the Philippines for gainful employment, it will be the subject of this tutorial. Employees must first obtain an Alien Employment Permit in order to submit an application for this visa.

Visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners in Philippines 2024

The following is the list of current visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners in Philippines

  • Data Science Manager
  • Staff Nurse (NCLEX Sponsorship)
  • Customer Support Advisor .
  • Back End Drupal Developer (Hunter’s Hub Inc.)
  • Full stack developer
  • Registered Nurse Principal: CONEXUS MEDSTAFF LLC
  • Senior Audit Associate
  • Teacher
  • Information Security Analyst (Cloud Security Operations)
  • Senior Sales Executive / Manager
  • Drivers
  • IT Helpdesk Engineer
  • Medical Technologist Principal: CONEXUS MEDSTAFF LLC

Philippines Work Visa Requirements

The following documentation must be provided by employees in order to receive an Alien Employment Permit:

  • filled-out application form
  • The employment agreement and any ancillary paperwork
  • a replica of the employee’s passport and a current visa
  • a duplicate of the business license
  • A copy of the applicant’s most recent AEP must also be sent if the application is for a renewed permit.

AEPs are required for employees in order to apply for a 9(g) work visa. Prior to applying, they must also find employment with a Philippine-based business. To apply, the following papers are required:

  • a completed application for a 9(g) work visa
  • Applicants’ current passport
  • a certified statement from the employer stating the number of Filipino and foreign employees
  • An AEP that has been certified by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
  • newspaper clipping demonstrating the DOLE’s publishing of the AEP application
  • a clearance certificate issued by the Philippines Bureau of Immigration (B.I.)
  • a certificate of registration for aliens
  • a duplicate of the employment contract, a copy of the AOI, and a certification from the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • any other records that attest to the applicant’s employment

Process of Applying for work visa in Philippines

An application for an AEP from the Department of Labor and Employment is the first step in the procedure to get a work visa for the Philippines. Either the prospective employee or the employer in the Philippines may submit this application.

The employer must sponsor the application for a 9(g) work visa, which can be submitted through the Bureau of Immigration.

The entire application process for a 9(g) work visa can take two to three months, including two to three weeks just for the AEP. The application process should be planned well in advance of an employee’s journey to the Philippines.

Work visa Important Factors

There are a few things that foreign nationals applying for work visas in the Philippines—as well as their employees—should bear in mind:

Initially, a 9(g) work visa may be granted for one to three years, depending on how long the employment contract is expected to last. Later, the visa may be renewed for a further one to three years.

An employee might apply for a Provisional Work Permit if they need to start working before their visa application is approved. The employee can apply for this permission as soon as they submit their AEP application, and it can be granted in as little as two weeks. This permit is granted by the Bureau of Immigration, same as the 9(g) visa.

Employees must be aware that their AEP only applies to the position they held at the time of application. The employee must apply for a new AEP if they accept a position with a different company in the Philippines or even a different position within the same company.

Obtaining employment in the Philippines

Many foreigners relocate to the Philippines to work for a multinational corporation or as part of an intra-company transfer.

To look for openings, we advise job searchers to check the websites of local businesses. Additionally, job seekers can look through listings on websites for employment networking and job portals online. A valid work visa must be obtained before arrival by foreign nationals who wish to work in the Philippines. In the Philippines, employers often arrange for work licenses. In general, foreigners should find employment before moving to the Philippines because getting a work permit might be difficult.

Before a work permit is issued, hiring employers must demonstrate that the position they are offering to an expat cannot be filled effectively by a Filipino citizen.


Philippine labor market

The Philippines is a well-liked location for expats looking for employment because to the presence of foreign businesses and the improvement in the nation’s economy. The most opportunities are provided by the mining, food processing, construction, and tourist industries. Along with contact centers and other corporate Outsourcing units, many foreigners move to the Philippines to teach foreign languages.

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