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Jobs with visa sponsorship in Tunisia for foreigners in 2024/2025! Are you a foreigner looking for visa sponsorship jobs in Tunisia? Are you inquiring about job opportunities in Tunisia? Do you wish to know what the prerequisites are for obtaining a Tunisia work visa?

The growing oil and gas, textile, and mining industries are the main pillars of Tunisia’s economy, which ranks as the 12th largest in Africa. The nation exports a large number of agricultural goods, textiles, and petroleum products and has outstanding commercial ties with Europe.

To work in Tunisia, you will require a VISA. It is recommended that you find work there first, as your new company may be able to sponsor your application. check out the current list of Visa sponsorship jobs available in Tunisia for foreigners, the Tunisian work permits, the Procedure for obtaining a work visa and more in this article.

Employment in Tunisia

With a transition from a state-controlled to a liberal economy, Tunisia is undergoing something of an economic makeover. The economy is experiencing a boom due to tremendous expansion and robust sectors across the board.

It is necessary to make private agreements because the healthcare and educational systems lag behind this progress.

To be eligible to apply for a work permit, you must be employed. Security is a problem, particularly outside of tourist areas where crime is more prevalent.

Tunisian Work Permits

It might be challenging to obtain permits for foreigners who want to work in Tunisia. Before you arrive for your first day of work, you must have your permit completely in order.

There are a number of things to consider. Although there are no promises, it will take at least four to six weeks to arrange your permit. The procedure could take more time during busier seasons of the year.

You may not automatically be entitled to a work permit even if you have been offered a job. Although obtaining sponsorship is a challenging and unpleasant procedure in and of itself, it is necessary for a successful application.

While it’s possible that your potential company will offer you sponsorship, there’s also a good chance they won’t. Some firms won’t even consider your application until your permission has been authorized, so keep that in mind.

It becomes clear how challenging it might be to apply for a Tunisian work permit from abroad when you take into account the requirement that a company sponsor your application.

List of visa sponsorship jobs in Tunisia for foreigners 2024

See the list of the current visa sponsorship jobs in Tunisia for foreigners below:

  • Groundskeeper
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Clerical Assistant
  • Information Technology Assistant
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Customer support and Sales Specialist
  • Accountant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Field Manager
  • Information Technology Technician
  • HR Assistant

What is the Tunisian monthly salary?

The default salary range for workers in Tunisia is between 776.00 TND (poor earnings; actual wages may be significantly lower) to 2,824.00 TND (high salaries, actual salaries can be even higher).

This is the monthly wage in its entirety, including bonuses.

Tunisia Work Visa Types

Visa-free entry to Tunisia is available for up to 90 days for nationals of a number of nations, including the US and EU member states. For short-term stays of less than 90 days, such as business trips and conferences, foreign people who are not citizens of visa-exempt nations must apply for a short-stay visa.

All foreign nationals, even citizens of countries without visa requirements, who plan to stay in Tunisia for more than 90 days must apply for a long-stay visa and secure a temporary residency permit before to arrival.

Requirements for Securing Tunisia Work Visas

The place of residency of the applicant and the anticipated duration of their stay in Tunisia are only two examples of the many variables that may affect the Tunisian visa requirements. However, the following records are typically needed:

  • a finished visa application.
  • a passport that was issued during the last ten years, has a minimum six-month validity, and is currently valid.
  • a duplicate of the applicant’s passport’s front page
  • Depending on the specifications of the particular embassy, one or two passport photographs.
  • A lease or hotel reservation can be used as evidence of where you are staying in Tunisia.
  • a schedule outlining the intended dates of travel.
  • an official invitation from the Tunisian employer.
  • a receipt proving the payment of the visa application fee.

The company must also show that there are no qualified job seekers in Tunisia to fill the post in addition to these conditions for the employee.

The Procedure for Obtaining a Work Visa

Candidates should gather all required paperwork and get in touch with the Tunisian embassy or consulate in their home country to start the visa application process. The diplomats will confirm the prerequisites for obtaining a visa and schedule an appointment for a visit to the embassy.

The applicant must provide the long-stay visa application and all other paperwork to the embassy. The visa should then be processed while they wait in their home country. The applicant may visit Tunisia after receiving the visa.

Foreign workers must acquire a temporary residence permit after arriving in Tunisia. This document is a requirement for the long-stay visa, which does not, by itself, permit foreign nationals to dwell in Tunisia.

In Tunisia, the Interior Ministry is responsible for issuing temporary residency permits. The Ministry offers residence permits for anyone who want to study, work, start a family, or invest in Tunisia. Foreign nationals should go to the neighborhood police station close to their place of residence in Tunisia to obtain a permission.

A residence card, which can be renewed, will be given to you by Tunisian authorities. Every time an employee’s employment contract is extended, they must also renew their residency permit.

Additional Vital Points Regarding Tunisia’s Work Visa

The Tunisian government has recently made plans public for the implementation of a process that would let visitors apply for an eVisa online. There would be fewer visa criteria and the procedure will be speedier than the existing one. As at the time of writing, there is not currently a choice like that.

In addition to applying for a visa, your staff should be informed that after five years of temporary residency in Tunisia, they can apply for permanent residence status.

Tunisia’s Economic Overview

An accurate image of the contemporary Tunisian economy is difficult to portray because the country is undergoing economic transition. After years of state control, Tunisian markets are being liberalized, and the way business and money are conducted in the country is changing on a daily basis. What can be established is that it currently has a GDP of 47.13 billion USD, which equates to $4,329 USD per capita. Tunisia is also ranked fourth in Africa by the Human Development Index.

Tunisia’s primary industries are petroleum, mining, tourism, and textiles, with apparel being an especially important export commodity. The country’s most major commercial partners are France and Italy, which is obvious given their shared histories, but Germany, China, Spain, and Algeria are also important.

Is living in Tunisia inexpensive?

On average, Tunisia has a 65.45% lower cost of living than the US. The average rent in Tunisia is 89.70% less than in the US.


What is Tunisia’s minimum wage?

The minimum hourly pay in Tunisia for non-agricultural workers was 2.06 Tunisian dinars for a 48-hour work week and 2.11 dinars for a 40-hour work week as of January 2022. (approximately 0.69 and 0.71 U.S. dollars per hour, respectively).

Tunisian Job Seeking

Though obtaining work as a foreigner is not impossible, you will most likely be limited to particular fields if you want to work in Tunisia. Many individuals desire to study English for travel and professional purposes, so those wishing to teach English will have a variety of alternatives.

ESL Employment, Total ESL, and ESL CafĂ© are all excellent options if you’re looking for a teaching position in the nation.

There are many more job websites you may explore if you’re looking for employment in a different industry in Tunisia; among the finest are Emploi, Bayt, and Tanit Jobs, which consistently update their job listings and offer opportunities across a wide range of industries. Though it can be challenging to actually land a job, especially if you don’t understand Arabic, be ready to fill out several applications before you find success.

If you want additional information on visa sponsorship jobs in Tunisia for foreigners, bookmark this page, leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you.

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