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Jobs in Haiti that will sponsor visas for visitors in 2024/2025! Haiti is a Caribbean republic bordered to the east by the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola.  Are you searching for the current list of Visa sponsorship jobs in Haiti for foreigners? Do you want to know the Haiti Work Visa Categories? Do you want to know how much money a Haitian makes each day?

Agriculture is Haiti’s largest industry, employing almost half of the country’s working population. Mangoes, coffee, papayas, and spinach are among the crops exported by Haiti to the rest of the globe. Nonetheless, the country imports around 80% of its food each year.

If you want to learn about the many types of work visas in Haiti, the current list of Visa sponsorship jobs in Haiti, and the requirements for acquiring a work visa in Haiti, this is the post for you.

Haiti Work Visa Categories

Your business must follow by all applicable immigration and employment rules if you intend to transfer foreign workers to work abroad. In order to live and work legally, noncitizens will frequently need both a work permit and a residency permit.

Permit to Work

The holder of a non-Haitian travel document must obtain a work permit if they wish to work. Businesspeople, educators, students, and other noncitizens who want to work in Haiti must meet this criteria. The Ministère des Affaires Sociales is where they can apply for a work visa (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs).

Employees must apply for a residential permit in addition to a work permit if:

  • they are over 21.
  • they enter the nation with a passport from a nation other than Haiti
  • they have a three-month stay planned 

Application forms for residency permits must be submitted at the direction de l’immigration (department of immigration) in port-au-central prince’s business district.

Jobs in Haiti that will sponsor visas for foreigners 2024/2025

Here is a list of available jobs in Haiti that can sponsor visas for foreigners currently:

  • Acquisition Associate
  • Hr manager
  • Tech farmer
  • Operations Systems Specialist
  • Senior Software Engineer, Compilers
  • Business and Innovation Specialist

Conditions for obtaining work visas for Haiti 

An employee must acquire a number of documentation before applying for a permission, including:

  • Their completed and signed application.
  • Two passport-sized color photos.
  • A letter explaining the reason for their stay and offering any in-country references.
  • Their contact information and current address.
  • A valid passport or another travel document.
  • A letter from you, their current employer.

Application Method

For their work permit application, non-nationals must speak with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs directly. In Port-au-Prince, their headquarters is situated on Charles Sumner Avenue.

A work visa typically takes two to six months to obtain. It should be noted that failure to provide any of the essential documents may cause a delay or cause the application to be rejected.

Additional Crucial Points

Immigration policies and rules are frequently vulnerable to sudden changes.

A worker may renew their work visa up to five times in a row, and it is valid for one year.

An employee with a work permit may in some cases lose their ability to work within the nation. If a worker fails to perform the duties of their employment or loses certifications or other credentials that make them qualified for their post, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has the authority to withdraw their work permit.

If you employ a worldwide workforce, it is your duty to see that they have the appropriate documentation. Your business may be held responsible for breaking employment regulations if one or more of your team members lacks a valid work visa or if one expires but the person continues to work.

What does a Haitian earn per day?

In Haiti, the current minimum wage is 500 gourdes for an 8-hour day, which equates to $4.83 a day, or 60 cents per hour in US money.

Haitian Employment

Haiti’s unemployment rate is significant, with almost two-thirds of the country’s labor force lacking steady job or income. The country is currently heavily reliant on foreign aid, with other countries providing over 40% of the government’s budget, mainly the United States, which is Haiti’s largest financial benefactor.

Because Haiti lacks the infrastructure to generate its own electricity, all energy is imported into the country. As a result, blackouts and power outages are prevalent.


Haitian Economic Overview

After meeting the IMF’s standards regarding its high degree of poverty, Haiti successfully filed to have its external debt erased in 2009. Haiti’s economic status has been bad for many years due to its dependency on international handouts. The situation was exacerbated by the 2010 earthquake, which entirely destroyed the economy and forced the country to rely heavily on international development agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Members of these groups live and work with Haitians in the country.

The country ran a trade imbalance of $3 billion USD in 2011. The richest 1% of Haitian inhabitants are thought to control over half of the country’s overall wealth, and there is a very stark difference between affluent and poor.

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