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Skilled and unskilled Visa sponsorship jobs in Zambia for foreigners 2024/2025! Since the 1980s, Zambia has had consistent economic development, notably in its core sectors of manufacturing, construction, and mining. The nation exports a major portion of its natural resources and has the 16th-largest economy on the continent. Do you want to work in a Country in Africa as a foreigner? Are you trying to find a job in Zambia that sponsors visas? Do you wish to learn more about the various immigrant work visa options? 

There are several businesses looking for ways to expand. As businesses grow, they are looking more and more to overseas markets. One of the numerous African nations that present a prosperous chance for international development is Zambia, but as in any other nation, it can be difficult to keep track of all the compliance risks while conducting business there. Making certain that all of the personnel have the required work visas and permissions for Zambia is one of these worries.

The list ofZambian visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners, the recruitment agencies, the conditions for getting a work visa for Zambia, the procedure for applying for a work visa, and much more will be covered in this article.

jobs in Zambia with Visa sponsorship for foreigners 2024

The following is a list of foreign visa sponsorship positions available in Zambia:

  1. Personal Assistant – Dangote Industries Limited Ndola, Copperbelt Province, Zambia
  2. Human Resource Business Partner – Impala Terminals Ndola, Copperbelt Province, Zambia
  3. Senior Associate, Financial Planning & Analysis – Teach For All Zambia
  4. HR Specialist – FAO Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia
  5. National Project Coordinator – Youth and Agrifood Value Chains, FAO Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia
  6. National Communications and Digital Content Specialist – FAO Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia
  7. Project Manager, Africa and EE Region– Tetra Tech
    Arlington, VA 22201
    $62,000 – $69,000 a year
  8. Digital Marketing Officer- Action Against Hunger
    York, WA•Hybrid work
    $75,000 – $80,000 a year

Others include:

  • Graduate Software Developer (Sybrin Zambia)
  • Senior Associate, Finance and Operations (Zambia)
  • Junior trader
  • Senior C# Cross Platform Software Engineer
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Teacher
  • Payroll and Personnel Specialist – Zambia
  • Program Development Manager, Southern Africa Region
  • Personal Assistant
  • Hr manager

Zambian employment

One of the most prosperous mining nations in Southern Africa is Zambia. Although the economy has great potential, several expensive public sector areas are holding it back. The nation is making significant efforts to diversify its economy.

When it comes to culture and social life, Lusaka, the country’s capital, has a lot to offer. Since the public school system is inadequate, there are several foreign schools that provide a high standard of education. Before submitting a work visa application, you must have a job offer.

Recruitment agencies in Zambia

External companies known as recruitment agencies help organizations discover qualified applicants. Employers assign them the responsibility of locating applicants for open positions inside their organizations in order to save time and money and to get access to the wider candidate pool than a direct advertisement or corporate network can.

Here are a few of Zambia’s employment firms.

  • Muta Recruitment Agency Zambia
  • ZENC Employment Agent
  • PETGET legal and general consulting group
  • GZJ Ltd (
  • Alljobspo Zambia
  • Recruitment Matters Africa
  • Zambia Jobs 247
  • PRI
  • Worker Hire Zambia
  • Nchito

Work visa categories in Zambia

Foreign nationals can apply for a variety of visa categories from the Zambian government. The government also grants employment permits to foreign nationals who work for businesses with headquarters in Zambia, in addition to these visas. There are two kinds of work permits for foreigners in Zambia:

  • Short-term work permit: A short-term work permit enables a foreign worker to work in Zambia for up to three months at a time. The bearer of this permit may reside and work in Zambia for a maximum of six months, and it is renewable only once.
  • A long-term work permit is often known as an employment permit. For a maximum of two years, the bearer of an employment permit may reside and work in Zambia. This license can be renewed by the owner, much as the short-term permission.

After arriving in Zambia, it is impossible to switch from one type of permission to another, thus it is crucial to ensure that your personnel is issued the appropriate permit at the outset.

Conditions for getting a work visa for Zambia

Foreign nationals must provide the following documents in order to apply for a work permit in Zambia:

  • a properly filled out application form.
  • a passport having three or more blank pages and at least six months of remaining validity
  • two most current passport pictures.
  • a background investigation by police from the applicant’s nation of residency.
  • certified duplicates of all records proving the applicant’s suitability for the position, including diplomas and licenses.
  • an employment offer from a Zambian corporation.
  • a letter of introduction from the potential employer.

Procedure for Applying for a work visa

Depending on the kind of work permit your workers require, the application procedure might change.

Traveling to Zambia on a business visa and then applying for a short-term work permit is an option for foreign nationals who want to work there. The Zambian embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country is where they should submit their application for a business visa. The following are the prerequisites for a business visa:

  • an active passport
  • a duplicate of the applicant’s passport’s front page.
  • the cost of the visa.
  • a finished visa application.
  • two photographs for a passport.
  • an invitation letter.
  • a formal cover letter
  • a replica of the applicant’s verified flying itinerary.

The employee has to apply for a work permit after getting the necessary documentation and arriving in Zambia. A short-term work permit typically takes one to two weeks to process. Until they get their work permit, the individual cannot begin working.

Long-term work visa applicants must submit their applications before departing for Zambia. Employees should make appropriate plans because it will take four to six weeks for this permission to be processed. Foreign nationals should apply for permission at the nearest Zambian embassy, just as they would for a visa. The Zambian Chief Immigration Officer is in charge of issuing the permission and establishing how long it will be valid. After receiving the permit, the individual may depart for Zambia and start working.


Important Points to Consider

Zambia is unusual in that a work permit entitles the bearer, their spouse, and any dependents to remain there. If there are any extra requirements for family members, such as birth or marriage documents, foreign employees can inquire with the Zambian embassy or consulate.

We really hope that you found the information we provided about visa sponsorship jobs in Zambia for foreigners to be useful. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can if you leave questions or comments in the area below.

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