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Latest top Digital Marketing Companies/Agencies in Thailand. Searching for the best digital marketing agencies in Thailand to hire? Thailand is one of the best countries in Asia to do business. Thailand leads in e-commerce, digital transformation, and internet adoption. This makes Thailand an attractive destination for international business expansion.

As the leader in e-commerce and digital transformation in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a great destination for international business expansion. However, in order to survive in this dynamic market, businesses must understand Thai consumer behavior, culture, and marketing trends.

Here you will get to know the best Taiwanese digital marketing Companies, services provided by the digital marketing agency in Thailand, why your business in Thailand needs a digital marketing agency, and a whole lot of important updates on the Digital Marketing Companies/Agencies in Thailand.

What Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies in Thailand Offer

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Website Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Outreach
  • Re-targeting
  • Content Generation and Optimization
  • Quality Link Building
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Integrated Online Marketing Strategies

Why does your business in Thailand need a digital agency to growth

The world has become one global village due to the rapid globalization in the last few years, and this has helped economic growth in just about every sector. The companies now have easy access to other global markets, which wasn’t an easy option earlier. Nonetheless it also presents challenges for your business

However, the rate of competition has increased rapidly as well, calling for all the companies, irrespective of their size, to use innovative market techniques to reach out to their target audience and penetrate the market further.

Internet marketing in this context has become one of the most used and efficient means of reaching out to a global audience. Traditional means of marketing have limitations, and with every enterprise trying innovative ways to expand their reach, internet marketing helps in gaining an advantage over the competition.

Digital marketing incorporates the implementation of different processes, capabilities, structures, and modern technologies that would economically contribute to exploiting and scaling the business focus, customer engagement, interactivity, optimization, and customization of various digital means.


Best Digital Marketing Companies/Agencies in Thailand

Thailand offers great opportunities for international companies to build and grow their businesses. It is predicted that consumers in Thailand will keep increasing their purchasing power. Taiwanese consumers are also shifting their behavior to digital. Resulting in high online shopping activity and demand for an integrated shopping experience.

Most importantly, understanding the consumer and creating a localized marketing campaign is a key to successful marketing in Thailand.

AJ Marketing

AJ Marketing is a leading marketing agency in Thailand. AJ Marketing specializes in influencer marketing, online advertising, performance marketing, creative production, PR, SEO, digital billboard, and celebrity licensing.

AJ Marketing’s network consists of more than 7,000 influencers with a total reach of 1.3 billion followers. Focusing on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Their influencers include lifestyle, entertainment, technology, gaming, food, fashion, beauty, sports, parenting, blockchain, and many more.

Grey Thailand

Grey Thailand is a creative advertising agency in Thailand. Grey Thailand is a part of Grey Advertising Global, which is a renowned international advertising agency. Grey Thailand provides end-to-end advertising solutions such as creative advertising & design, martech, social media advertising, PR, influencer marketing, omnichannel platform, and many more.

Grey Thailand is a creative advertising agency in Thailand that has worked with various local and international brands such as Ananda Development, Oral-B, and GSK. One of the best works of Grey Thailand is the campaign they have done with Chame. In this campaign, Grey Thailand created a film advertisement starring Aum Patcharapa. This film gained 1 million views on the first day.

Wunderman Thompson 

Wunder Thompson Thailand is a marketing and advertising agency in Thailand. They are a part of Wunderman Thompson global advertising agency. In 2021, Wunderman Thompson Thailand was awarded Asia Pacific’s Creative Agency of the Year by AdFest.

Their services include app development, B2B marketing, commerce, communications, business consulting, CRM, CRX, marketing intelligence, and martech. They have worked with numerous brands such as Thai Airways, Wacoal, Tinder, and many more.

BBDO Bangkok

BBDO Bangkok is a branding and communication agency in Thailand. It is a part of the BBDO Asia group, which covers the Asia Pacific as its service area. This creative agency has been awarded Southeast Asia’s Creative Agency of The Year by Campaign Brief Asia. They also have multiple awards from Adman Awards & Symposium, The Gunn Report, and AdFest.

BBDO Bangkok specializes in creative advertising and branding. They have worked with many brands such as Visa, JD Central, Mars, Bumble, and many more. BBDO Bangkok partnered with JD Central to create Valentine’s day campaign. In this campaign, BBDO Bangkok used Facebook targeted ads for gift-giving ideas. This campaign reached a 314% of engagement rate and a 17% increase in sales on Valentine’s Day.

Wolf Bangkok

Wolf Bangkok is a creative advertising agency in Thailand. They have been awarded the 2020 Agency of The Year by Gerety Awards. They also received other awards from Campaign Brief Asia, Adman, and LIA 2021. Wolf Bangkok specializes in producing creative designs and advertisements for brand activation. They have worked with many brands such as Central Department Store, Grab, and SC Asset

TBWA Thailand

TBWA Thailand is a creative advertising agency based in Bangkok. Their services include creative productions of film, video, and graphic design. TBWA Thailand is one of the leading agencies in Thailand as they were awarded Campaign Asia’s Southeast Asia Agency of the Year 2020.

TBWA Thailand’s team involves more than 200 fresh experts in account management, creative, digital, graphic design, and production. They also have other networks to support other fields, such as Digital Arts Network for digital communication, Disruption Consulting for brand consultancy, and many more.

Sour Bangkok

Sour Bangkok is the first creative agency in Thailand that focuses on the women’s market. Launched in 2017, this independent agency has won the Southeast Asia Boutique Agency of The Year for 2 consecutive years.

Focusing on the women’s market, Sour Bangkok’s mission is to create contents that understand women, for women, and by women. The agency was established on the idea of women that contribute the most to the nation’s economy.

Choojai and Friends

Choojai and Friends is an advertising agency based in Bangkok. Their ideology of the organization is as a “garden of liberation by a group of advertising people”. Choojai and Friends were established in 2011 to leverage the power of creative advertising to make a positive difference in society.

This creative agency has created projects with many brands such as Cornetto, Wacoal, Allianz, and many more. They have received multiple awards from Adfest and Ad Stars such as Best Use of Social, Best Use of Branded Content and Entertainment, and Best Interactive Film.

Leo Burnett Thailand

Leo Burnett Group Thailand is a multi-channel marketing agency specializing in advertising, digital marketing, social media and content marketing, retail marketing, and reputation management.

Leo Burnett Thailand is a part of the Leo Burnett global agency. They have worked with numerous brands such as P&G, Singha, Tesco Lotus, and many more. They have produced award-winning campaigns that were acknowledged by Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, D&AD Awards, and many more. One of their award-winning campaigns was in partnership with Tesco Lotus where they created a film advertisement titled ‘Taxi’

Rabbit Digital Group

Rabbit Digital Group is a multi-discipline marketing communications agency in Bangkok. They are driven to give creative data-driven solutions for clients and businesses. Their services include brand & marketing communications, social media management, data activation, digital PR, digital experience, performance marketing, inbound search, advertorial & publishing service, corporate training, and virtual experience.

Rabbit Digital Group has established more than 50 awards, including ranked 10th in Thailand and 66th in Asia for creativity. They also have completed more than 400 projects with more than 180 clients, such as Mitsubishi, Ajinomoto, and many more.

Partnering with a Thai-based marketing agency can help brands successfully grow in Thailand. There are many agencies to choose from with expertise in offline marketing, social media, digital advertising, marketing technology, PR, influencer marketing, and many more.

International companies can work with local marketing agencies to ensure their marketing efforts suit the target market. A local marketing agency can provide great insights, which can be challenging for international businesses that do not speak the language.

We hope this article will help you in finding the best marketing agency for your needs please do well to bookmark us for recent updates.

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