Profitable Business Ideas in Paraguay – Low-cost business ideas

Paraguay is one of the countries that has the highest number of the youngest people in their population about 65% of their population are people living under the age of 30.

Paraguay is best known for their shopping lifestyle they love to shop alot especially those international products. This country is among the top ten exporting countries being the leading exporters of energy. You can also get affordable land in this country if you which to enter into real estate this is a huge opportunity for you.

We are going to look at some of the profitable business ideas you can start in Paraguay to generate income for yourself.

Profitable Business Ideas in Paraguay

See Profitable Business Ideas in Paraguay below:

1. Security Business:

They are alot of insecurity everywhere even in Paraguay so there is greater need for security services. Event like party, night club, wedding, and funeral programme requires a security services to ensure the safety of the people.

Most shopping complex, eatery and boutique requires security services in order to guide and protect the customers that is coming to do their own shopping.

Start a security Business will help you to generate more income for yourself because there is a high demands for it. All you have to do is to hire and able body men who are fit to do security service to work for you and you pay them base on negotiations.

2. Start a Real Estate Business:

There are alot of money in real estate everyday people are busying buying property hence sure to get a real estate agent in Paraguay when you want to buy any property especially when you are a foreigner.

If you want to move into real estate it is very important you register your business under real estate commission to avoid fraud and other issues that may be related to real estate because if you don’t register your business people may not want to do business with you they may feel like you are a potential scammer.

3. Arts and Crafts: 

Arts and Crafts is one of the major ways that we used in our modern world to preserve our culture. Paraguay as a country is not left out in arts and crafts some of their major work they have done so far include weaving, basket and ceramic.

Paraguay has done alot of arts and crafts work that was recognized by the Paraguayan some of them include feather work, weaving and basket. All this arts and crafts work is sold at a high price as a symbol and a result of what represent their culture.

4. Poultry Farming:

There is increasing demands for eggs and chicken so there is need for poultry farm. Many people rear their bird either for consumption or for selling

Chicken is used by many homes especially during December period or anyother festive period as a major source of meat.

They are many occasions such as child dedication, wedding reception and birthday party where chicken is used as a major source of meat so there is need for you to move to poultry farm if you are staying in Paraguay and you which to increase your income.

5. Computer Training Business:

Computer Training is becoming one of the major things that parents want to give to their children. Everyday school holidays parent are sending their children to go and do computer Training

If you look at the statistics of Paraguay you will see that 65% of their population are youth under the age of 30. So there is increasing demands for computer institute.

All you have to do is to setup one computer training institute and a good location with a constant power supply and skilled personel that is going to take them on this computer training.

Low-cost business ideas in Paraguay

Here are some low-cost business ideas in Paraguay that you can consider:

  1. Food Cart or Food Stand
  2. Mobile Phone Accessories
  3. Handicrafts and Souvenirs
  4. Personalized Printing Services
  5. Cleaning Services
  6. Freelance Services
  7. Pet Care Services
  8. Tutoring or Language Classes


Investment opportunities in Paraguay

When it comes to investment opportunities in Paraguay, there are several sectors that present potential for growth and profitability. Here are some investment opportunities worth consideringng

  1. Agriculture and Agribusiness
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Manufacturing and Industrial Sector
  4. Tourism and Hospitality
  5. Real Estate and Construction
  6. Information Technology and Services
  7. Financial Services
  8. Education and Training

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