Profitable Business Ideas in Switzerland | Low investment business ideas

Switzerland is the country with the highest skilled workers their country is with population that is over 8.5 million people. Switzerland has been ranked to be the no. 1 when it comes to innovations. This country gives startup in their country their personal support and incentives to help them grow their business

This reason alone is one of the main things that is attracting foreign investors to come and do business in their own country. It doesn’t stop there Switzerland is one of the countries that gives foreign investors and entrepreneurs low tax rate and this particular one is driving so many foreign investors crazy

Today we are going to look at profitable business ideas that you can start in Switzerland to help you generate money for yourself and business.

Profitable Business Ideas in Switzerland 

I know you can’t wait to start that your dream business that will help you to generate that fast money that you wants.

Today we are going to look at some of the best profitable kind of business that is the most popular that you didn’t know.

I know you want something that is very easy for you to run and you don’t have to worry about this profitable business that am going to drop if you are a foreigner because this business is going to favour you also.

1. Yoga exercise and Meditation Center 

It is advisable to staff and workers in a company to go and do yoga exercise after a long work during this period they will have time for meditation because there is a proof that yoga exercise and meditation will help staff and workers to easy their work stress.

I know a lot of staff and workers don’t like to do exercises no matter their workload in the office but doctors has warned us several times without numbers that there is a serious health challenge that is associating if you don’t do your exercise.

Seeing the huge benefits of doing yoga and meditation exercise there is need for you to open up a yoga and meditation center in switzerland that is targeting those that are doing white collar jobs.

2. Home Cleaning and Services:

We have a lot of busy homes in Switzerland who doesn’t have time to clean their homes all you have to do is to reach out to this kind of people and pitch them your services 

You can start with a nice price that is affordable which is between $100 – $300 as time goes on you can upgrade your fee

Working with a client as a home cleaner requires you to be extremely careful because we don’t want a situation that you will get yourself involves with a police case as a result of your client reporting you that you stole is house property

3. Professional Photography Services:

If you go to any recreational centre or beach you will see a lot of people trying to take pictures of themselves while catching fun.

So there is need for a professional photography in Switzerland that will help people to capture their happy moment while catching fun

Sometimes some of this people they have a good camera or perhaps they don’t know how to snap so there is need for professional photographer

There are some event that may occur in life it might be a good one or maybe a sad one but yet they still want to capture the moment to save as a remembrance some of the events are: wedding ceremony and burial so there is need for professional photographer.

4. Meal delivery at doorstep:

There many people who live to work very early in the morning and comes back very late in the night they are the type of person who doesn’t have time to cook in their house.

These are the kind of people that need your service all you have to do is to find out the kind of meal that this type of people like to eat to know if you can prepare it very well to their taste

When you are done in getting all the information about your client go ahead and approach to pitch them about your services if they accept go ahead and cook your food and deliver to them from there you will get referrals from them.

Low investment business ideas in Switzerland

Here are some low investment business ideas in Switzerland:

  1. Dropshipping
  2. Freelance Services
  3. Online Coaching or Tutoring
  4. E-commerce Reselling
  5. Handmade Products
  6. Pet Services
  7. Home Cleaning Services
  8. Event Planning
  9. Mobile Food Truck
  10. Personal Fitness Training
  11. Social Media Management
  12. Gardening Services
  13. Virtual Assistant
  14. Mobile Car Wash
  15. Homemade Food Products


Lucrative business opportunities in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its strong economy, business-friendly environment, and high standard of living. It offers numerous lucrative business opportunities across various industries. Here are some potentially profitable business sectors in Switzerland:

  1. Financial services and banking
  2. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
  3. Luxury goods and watchmaking
  4. Tourism and hospitality
  5. Information technology and software development
  6. Clean energy and sustainability solutions
  7. Precision engineering and manufacturing
  8. Medical and healthcare services
  9. Wealth management and private banking
  10. E-commerce and online retailing
  11. International trade and logistics
  12. Consulting and professional services
  13. Food and beverage industry
  14. Real estate development and property management
  15. Education and training services
  16. Event management and conference services
  17. Sports and fitness industry
  18. Art and culture sector
  19. Sustainable agriculture and organic farming
  20. Financial technology (fintech) startups.

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