Recruitment agencies in Angola for foreigners and citizens 2023/2024| See Angola job agencies

2023/2024 Angola employment agencies for foreigners and locals! The labor market in Angola is continually changing, and new possibilities appear frequently. However, finding the ideal work can be difficult for both foreign and local job searchers. Recruitment Agencies can help with that; they are a great source for anyone looking for work in Angola.

Recruitment firms can assist in connecting job seekers with appropriate employment prospects due to their extensive knowledge of the regional labor market. Additionally, they may assist foreigners in acquiring the required paperwork and work permits, understanding cultural differences, and navigating the local employment market. Additionally, they can offer options for training and professional growth to increase job seekers’ chances of landing a position.

Recruitment services can assist Angolan nationals in connecting job searchers with appropriate employment prospects and frequently offer training and development opportunities to increase their chances of landing a job. Additionally, they can offer counseling and career coaching, assisting job seekers in making educated decisions regarding their future employment. In conclusion, employment agencies are a great resource for anyone seeking work in Angola, acting as a much-needed link between job searchers and companies.

See the list of Angola employment agencies for foreigners and citizens provided in this article. You will also get to know the list of offshore oil and gas recruitment agencies in Angola, the workforce recruitment agency, and lot more.

Latest Angola employment agencies 2023

In Angola, there are many employment agencies that focus on helping experts in a range of professions obtain jobs. Several of Angola’s well-known employment firms are:

  • Adecco Angola.
  • Hays Angola.
  • Manpower Angola.
  • Michael Page Angola.
  • Randstad Angola.
  • Robert Walters Angola.
  • Talent Solutions Angola.
  • JobArt Angola
  • Pro-Angola
  • JobLink Angola
  • PwC Angola
  • Deloitte Angola
  • EY Angola
  • Korn Ferry Angola
  • New Horizons Angola
  • AngolaJobs
  • ExpressJobs Angola

These organizations frequently have broad networks of contacts across numerous industries, which they can use to connect job searchers with appropriate employment possibilities. To learn more about the agencies’ services and to inquire about any employment openings that fit your background and skills, I would advise you to visit their websites or get in touch with them personally.

Workforce recruitment agency

An organization that specializes in matching businesses with a sizable pool of job seekers, typically in a particular area or field, is known as a workforce recruitment agency. Companies frequently use these services to assist fill a large number of unfilled positions, frequently on a temporary or contract basis.

Agency for workforce recruiting has a thorough awareness of the labor market and the particular skills and characteristics that companies want in their employees. They can easily recognize and connect the right applicants to the suitable job opportunities because to their extensive network of job searchers.

To assist companies in finding the finest candidates for their vacant positions, workforce recruiting organizations can offer a variety of services, including pre-screening, background checks, and drug testing. They can also offer adaptable staffing options including temporary, temp-to-perm, and direct hire workforce to match the shifting demands of organizations. For organizations trying to swiftly and effectively satisfy their workforce needs, a workforce recruiting firm can be a beneficial partner.

Offshore oil and gas recruitment agencies in Angola

This list is not all-inclusive; there are numerous additional reputable employment firms in Angola that concentrate on the offshore oil and gas sector. Finding the ideal agency for your needs should always be the result of thorough research and comparison, as well as a review of the agency’s history and reputation.

  • Petroplan Angola
  • NES Angola
  • Manpower Angola
  • Adecco Angola
  • Hays Angola
  • Fircroft Angola
  • Airswift Angola
  • Randstad Angola
  • Robert Walters Angola
  • Progressive Recruitment Angola

Top 10 oil and Gas recruitment agencies

  • Michael Page Oil & Gas
  • Hays Oil & Gas
  • Fircroft
  • Airswift
  • NES Global Talent
  • Manpower
  • Randstad
  • Adecco
  • Robert Walters
  • Progressive Recruitment


Angola employment opportunities

Angola’s economy is broad, offering opportunities in sectors including telecommunications, mining, oil and gas, and construction. Additionally, the nation wants to enhance investment in industries like agriculture and tourism as well as diversify its economic base. Additionally, Angola has a sizable domestic market for goods and services due to its population of over 30 million.

In order to find current and updated job opportunities in Angola, it’s always a good idea to check job listing platforms and company websites. Job opportunities can vary depending on your qualifications and experience.

The following are some examples of professions and industries found in Angola:

  • Oil and gas industry: engineer, geologist, drilling operator, rig worker
  • Construction: architect, project manager, construction worker, electrician
  • Healthcare: doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, lab technician
  • Education: teacher, professor, administrator, counselor
  • Agriculture: farmer, agronomist, agricultural technician
  • Hospitality and Tourism: hotel manager, tour guide, travel agent, chef
  • Banking and finance: accountant, financial analyst, banker, insurance agent
  • Human resources: recruitment specialist, training coordinator, compensation and benefits specialist
  • Sales and marketing: sales representative, marketing coordinator, public relations
  • IT and technology: software developer, network administrator, cybersecurity specialist

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