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Searching for recruitment Agencies in Slovakia? In Central Europe, there is a nation called Slovakia. Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic all border it to the north and east, respectively. The economy of the nation is varied, with sectors like IT, engineering, and the automobile industries contributing significantly. Both citizens and foreigners are allowed to work in Slovakia, while some positions may only be open to citizens or EU nationals.

Making sure you have the best team on hand will be essential when expanding into Slovakia, also known as the Slovak Republic, a nation in Europe. Typically, this entails hiring locals. However, Slovakia’s distinct employment regulations, a foreign language, and cultural hurdles can make the hiring process problematic for anyone who is not accustomed to the nation.

Discover some of the essential details regarding Slovakia recruitment and see how to bring on the best individuals to support your Slovakia developments.

In this post, you will learn about the best Slovakian recruitment agencies for both foreigners and locals, the largest Slovakian employment agencies, Slovakia’s employment application procedures, where to look for job opportunities in Slovakia, and much more.

Top Slovakian employment agencies for foreigners and locals in 2023/2024

In Slovakia, there are numerous employment agencies that can assist both foreigners and locals in finding employment. In Slovakia, some instances of employment agencies include:

  • Grafton Recruitment: This company provides hiring services for a range of sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, IT, and finance.
  • Manpower: For a variety of industries, this firm provides contract, permanent, and temporary staffing services.
  • Randstad: This company provides staffing and recruitment services for a range of sectors, including healthcare, engineering, IT, and finance.
  • Profesia: This company provides employment listings and recruitment services for a range of sectors, including IT, finance, engineering, and sales.

These organizations can assist you in locating employment possibilities that fit your qualifications. You can get in touch with them to learn more about open employment and to send your resume.

Finding and hiring employees in Slovakia.

Slovakia’s economy is expanding, and it holds a significant place in European trade. While this makes it a terrific site for business, it also means that employment rivalry in many areas may be fierce. However, if you know where to look, you may find plenty of exceptional employees.

These days, the internet is the ideal place to start. There are many online job boards, including Praca and Profesia. Furthermore, a lot of people in Slovakia use social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, thus they can also be useful sources of information and candidates.

Employer recruiting in Slovakia can also be outsourced very successfully through recruitment consultancies and agencies.

Slovakia’s largest recruitment agencies

The ManpowerGroup Slovakia company is ranked as the largest personnel agency in the Largest in Business list. Most candidates have had jobs found for them through the agency.

  • ManpowerGroup
  • Pro HR
  • Manuvia
  • GoodCall Slovakia
  • Lugera & Maklér
  • Grafton
  • Edgar Baker
  • ADECCO Slovakia

What exactly do staffing firms do?

An efficient method of managing and assigning manpower is through temporary employment agencies or temporary employee assignments. Without expanding their payroll or staffing levels, it enables businesses to function in a range of industries, from SCC to manufacturing.

This could happen when a business has to temporarily boost the number of employees on staff or cover for an employee who is out on sick leave, maternity leave, or any other absence.

The agency concludes the employment relationship with the individual and manages and handles the payroll as well. The employee is temporarily assigned to the business and completes the task in accordance with the company’s instructions and assignment.

What advantages do temporary assignments offer?

  • Efficiency
  • Continuity and adaptability
  • Reliability
  • savings on personnel costs
  • Payroll administration is kept to a minimum.

Imagine not having any obligations or administrative burdens when recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new team members—an activity you are likely engaged with on a regular basis. In the end, outsourcing this agenda allows you to concentrate on your main activities while saving time and resources. You receive all of these advantages by using the services of a temporary employment agency, plus many more.

Where in Slovakia to hunt for job openings.

In Slovakia, there are various venues where you can hunt for openings. Several possibilities are:

1. Websites for online job searches:

Numerous websites, including Jobminda, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed, provide listings of available positions in Slovakia. To uncover possibilities that match your qualifications and expertise, you can conduct a job search by region, industry, and job title.

2. Local newspapers:

In Slovakia, a lot of businesses post job openings there. To find job postings in your area, visit the classifieds section of newspapers.

3. Recruitment agencies:

Slovakia is home to a number of recruitment agencies that can assist you in finding employment. To submit your CV and to learn more about the roles that are open, get in touch with these organizations.

4. Job centers:

Government-run businesses that can assist you in finding employment are referred to as job centers or employment agencies. To get help with creating a resume, getting ready for interviews, and locating career prospects, go to a job center.

5. Networking:

The best approach to finding out about career possibilities in Slovakia is through networking. Through professional associations, gatherings, and online communities, you can network with individuals in your sector or field to find out about job openings and receive application tips.


Slovakia employment application procedures

You might start by looking for employment opportunities in Slovakia online or in neighborhood newspapers. To learn more about open employment, you can also get in touch with nearby job centers or recruitment agencies. Once you’ve located a position you’re interested in, you can apply by sending the hiring manager your resume and cover letter.

Your CV and cover letter should be customized to the particular position and organization, highlighting your relevant education and experience. As part of the application process, you can also be required to fill out an application form and take part in an interview.

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