Top Companies in Hungary 2024 | Major Industries

Top Companies in Hungary for those who are moving into the country in search of big opportunities. When it comes to business opportunities Hungary is not left out on this. They have so many top companies in Hungary. 

This country was as the 53rd largest economy in the world and also 41st in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product. Hungary major source of revenue is through exporting products and this country was ranked 35th largest export economy in the world and they have generated over $100 billion from export products alone as from 2015.

In parallel, Hungary’s traditional sectors are not to be overlooked, as time-honored manufacturing powerhouses continue to play a pivotal role in the nation’s economy. Renowned for their craftsmanship and precision, these companies uphold a legacy of quality that has withstood the test of time. Amidst the ever-changing business landscape, these stalwarts have adapted their strategies to remain competitive and relevant, contributing significantly to Hungary’s economic growth and stability.


Top Companies in Hungary 

Here’s a list of some top companies in Hungary

1. Opus Global Nyrt:

A corporation called Opus Global operates in a wide range of sectors, some of which are: industrial manufacturing, energy, agriculture, food, tourism, and investment management. For a large number of homes across the nation, Opus Global serves as the primary gas and electricity provider.

2. Zwack Unicum Nyrt:

Zwack Unicum Nyrt is the brand behind every alcoholic drink that is produce in Hungary this brand produce so many alcoholic beverages which include: whisky, liqueur, vodka, wine and spirits aside that this company also engage in foreign trade.

3. 4iG Nyrt:

4iG is a software company that provides software services that is being use to service many industries which include healthcare, utility, energy, finance, transportation and logistics, food processing,  education,  agriculture, and entertainment.

4. Auto Wallis Plc:

Auto Wallis Plc is an automobile company that provides the following services : wholesale and the repair of vehicle, providing their accessories and parts, and also render other forms of short and long rental services. Names of brand that autowallis plc have worked with are: Suzuki, Toyota, Isuzu and BMW.

5. MasterPlast Share:

Masterplast Share is a company that is in charge of production of house materials most of the home building material that is manufacture by masterplast share include roofing foils and elements, facade insulation systems, heat insulation, dry construction, soundproofing and waterproofing.


Other Top Companies in Hungary

Below are some other top companies you can find in Hungary.

  1. Zwack
  2. Zsolnay
  3. Zen Studios
  4. Wizz Air
  5. Vodafone Hungary
  6. VirusBuster
  7. Videoton
  8. UPC Magyarorsza
  9. Turner Broadcasting System Hungary
  10. Tungsram
  11. TriGranit
  12. Travel Service
  13. Torley
  14. Tisza Cipo
  15. ThalesNano
  16.  Takarekbank
  17.  Szerencsejatek Zrt
  18. State Printing Company
  19.  Scarab Research
  20. Raba
  21.  Puli Space Technologies
  22.  Prezi
  23.  Pick Szeged
  24. Pecs Brewery
  25.  Panrusgaz
  26.  Pannonia Film Studio
  27.  Pannon
  28.  OTP Bank
  29. Orion Electronics
  30.  Organica Technologies
  31. Oncotherm
  32. NeocoreGames
  33. MVM Group
  34. MVK Zrt.
  35. MTVA
  36. MOL Group
  37. MKB Bank
  38. Match
  39. Malev
  40. MAL Hungarian Aluminum
  41. Magyar Telekom
  42. Magyar Posta
  43. Lehel
  44. K&H Bank
  45. iWiW
  46. IP Systems
  47. Invictus Games
  48. International Training Center for Bankers
  49. Ikarus Bank
  50. Hunnia Film Studio

What are the top 5 industries in Hungary?

The top five industries in Hungary if you are seeking for business opportunities include:

  1. Hungarian economy
  2. Food industry
  3. Information and Communications Technology
  4. Pharmaceutical and Medical industry
  5. Electronic industry
  6. Automotive industry

Why work in Hungary?

Working in Hungary offers a range of benefits and opportunities that make it an attractive option for many individuals. Here are some reasons why people choose to work in Hungary:

  1. You have a good working conditions.
  2. You also have a thriving cultural background
  3. Improve health sector
  4. Good educational and learning  systems

What is the major industry of Hungary?

Here is a list of major industries in Hungary:

  1. Mining
  2. Metallurgy
  3. Machine
  4. Steel production
  5. Energy production
  6. Mechanical engineering
  7. Chemicals
  8. Food industry
  9. Automobile production


Innovative Startups in Hungary

Hungary’s startup ecosystem is buzzing with innovation and creativity, giving rise to a new generation of companies that are making waves both locally and globally. Here are a few standout startups that are redefining industries and capturing attention:

1. AImotive:

Pioneering self-driving technology and AI solutions for the automotive sector, AImotive is at the forefront of reshaping transportation and mobility.

2. Tresorit:

With a focus on data security, Tresorit offers encrypted cloud storage and file sharing solutions, gaining recognition for their commitment to privacy.

3. Prezi:

Transforming presentations, Prezi’s cloud-based platform offers a dynamic and visual approach to storytelling, captivating audiences worldwide.

4. LogMeIn Hungary:

Enabling remote access and support, LogMeIn empowers seamless collaboration, essential in today’s connected world.

5. Talk-A-Bot:

Leaders in conversational AI, Talk-A-Bot’s chatbots are revolutionizing customer engagement and support across industries.

6. Synetiq:

Championing sustainability, Synetiq specializes in e-waste recycling technology, recovering valuable materials and promoting eco-friendly practices.

7. OptoForce:

Robotics company OptoForce designs force/torque sensors that grant robots a sense of touch, revolutionizing their capabilities.

8. Shapr3D:

Targeting designers, Shapr3D’s 3D design app for iPads offers intricate design tools on the go, bridging creativity and technology.


Harnessing 3D printing, produces customizable and sustainable products, providing a glimpse into the future of manufacturing.

These startups exemplify Hungary’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative prowess. Their groundbreaking solutions are propelling the nation onto the global innovation map.

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