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Planning to work in a Balkan country? Are you seeking a job in Albania for foreigners with visa sponsorship? Yes, you are permitted to work in Albania with a sponsored visa; however, you must first get a work permit.

Albania, a small Balkan Peninsula country, is a large decision that might provide considerable financial and interpersonal benefits. Visa sponsorship positions are available in Albania for several firms that sponsor a work visas.

In this post, we will compile a list of visa sponsorship jobs accessible for foreigners in Bhutan. You will also learn about the type of work visa in Albania, the requirements for the work visa, and much more.

Albanian Work Visa Categories

Understanding who needs a work visa is the first step in bringing personnel to Albania. Albanian nationals enjoy the same employment rights as citizens of the European Union (EU) and Schengen countries. Some regulations, however, may necessitate Albanian citizenship for specific positions. US residents can also stay in Albania without a residency permit for at least a year.

Everyone who is not an Albanian citizen and wants to work in the nation for longer than three months must apply for a work permit. Before beginning employment, your staff must complete their work permit petitions. It usually takes no more than 30 days to receive approval or refusal after submitting the papers. Some work permits contain time limits, however, the entire validity term varies on the kind.

Albanian work permits are classified into four types:

  • Type A: Economic activity permits both employers and workers
  • Type B: Allows for independent economic activities
  • Type C: Permits for exceptional events
  • Type D: Permanent work permits for qualified foreign nationals

To enter Albania, all foreigners must get a visa and a resident permit.

List of Visa sponsorship jobs in Albania for foreigners 2024

Check the current visa sponsorship jobs in Albania for foreigners below:

  • Senior Workforce Management Planner – Forecasting (Based in Bangkok)
  • Workforce Management Forecasting Lead (Based in Bangkok)
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Program Manager
  • English teacher
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Assistant
  • Sales Consultant
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Secondary English Teacher
  • HR Area Manager – Albania
  • Senior Java Engineer
  • Cleaning Specialist

Work Visa Requirements in Albania

The procedure for obtaining a work permit in Albania varies based on the kind of permission. The most frequent documents required, however, are:

  • Your employee must sign a standard application form.
  • A National Registration Center extract verifying your employer registration.
  • The candidate’s employment contract.
  • a photocopy of their passport
  • There are five photographs.

Employees must additionally pay ALL 6,000, or approximately 45 EUR, to get a work permit from the General Directorate of National Labor Service or the Labor Office of the appropriate area, both of which are part of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.


The Application Procedure

All of your employees who want to work in Albania must submit the above documents to the respective labor office in Albania or the Albanian Consulates in their home countries. Before issuing any work permit, Albania’s Regional Employment Office considers the progress and demands of the country’s labor market. They consider if the job may be attained by:

  • An Albanian citizen who is jobless.
  • Foreigners and relatives of Albanian nationals
  • Citizens of the EU or Schengen.
  • Family members of immigrants living and working in Albania.
  • Nationals of countries with whom Albania has bilateral and multilateral employment agreements.
  • Any job seeker who has a preference in the home labor market.

Keep in mind that while foreign employees can work in the public sector, they cannot hold positions of leadership within the government.

Essential Issues to consider

In Albania, all employees must get a work visa as well as a work permit. The following visas are available:

  • Type C: Short-term visas
  • Type D: Long-term visas
  • Aeroportual visa: For aeroportual transit

All foreign citizens wanting to stay in the country for longer than 90 days will also require a residency permit. Albania offers 21 distinct sorts of residency permits, so it’s critical to pick the one that’s suitable for you. All residency permits are good for three, six, or a year and can be renewed no more than five times.

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  1. I can work as an English teacher in Albania.
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