Visa sponsorship jobs in Iraq for foreigners 2024/2025 | Current job positons here

Visa sponsorship opportunities in Iraq for foreigners in 2024/2025! Do you want to work in a Middle Eastern country? Looking for visa-sponsored employment? Would you like to learn more about working in Iraq? If you are an international ex-pat, a foreign student, or an Iraqi citizen looking for best-recruiting agencies with open employment opportunities in Iraq, you have come to the correct place.

A number of opportunities for foreigners working in Iraq to contribute to the country’s rising economy. Expats with backgrounds in technology, communications, and business are in great demand for their knowledge.

This article discusses the procedures for acquiring work visas for Iraq, as well as the top recruiting companies in Iraq. You will also learn about the current visa sponsorship opportunities in Iraq for foreign nationals.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Iraq for foreigners 2024

Consider the following visa sponsorship jobs in Iraq for foreigners:

  • HVACR Supervisor
  • Vector Control Supervisor
  • HR and Compliance Manager
  • Warehouseman
  • Electrician
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • IBD-SS Field Service Technician/Engineer 
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Air Cargo Specialist

Why is a work permit required?

A work permit is an essential document for foreigners who want to work in another country. This permit certifies a person’s permission to live in a foreign nation for the duration of their job. Iraq’s Labour Law makes it mandatory for foreigners to get an Iraq work permit in order to work in the nation.

Top recruitment agencies in Iraq

  • Asiacell telecommunication
  • MSelect Recruitment
  • FOR Offshore
  • Shull Employment Solutions


Concerning the Iraq Labor Market

Iraq has recently seen unpredictable social and economic situations, making it difficult to find work there.

Furthermore, the Iraqi economy is heavily reliant on the oil industry, which accounts for about 85% of government revenue. It also accounts for 80% of all foreign exchange revenues. As a result, the majority of work options are in the same industry.

Iraq Work Visa Types

The Labor Law of Iraq makes a clear distinction between providing work licenses to Arab and non-Arab employees. As a result, Arab employees are exempt from obtaining work permits. However, any non-Arab or non-Iraqi foreign employees must get work licenses in order to work lawfully from Iraq. As a result, it is critical to grasp the various types of Iraq work visas available.

There are two types of work permits issued:

Iraq Business Visa

This visa is for foreigners entering the country for business-related activities or investment purposes. It is valid for 30 days.

Iraq Employment Visa

This is the more common visa issued to foreigners coming into the country to get paid employment.

Work Visa Requirements in Iraq

When applying for a work visa in another country, a certain set of documentation is required, which differs depending on nationality. For example, the conditions for an Iraq work visa for Indian citizens will differ from those for a Pakistani work visa.

The following are the general documents necessary for an Iraq work visa:

  • Completed Iraq visa application form
  • Passport with validity of at least six months from date of entry in Iraq
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Official employment contract
  • Payment of Iraq work visa fees

Procedure for Applying for a Work Visa in Iraq

The application procedure may appear to be complex. It is the employer’s responsibility to start giving work permits to international employees in Iraq. Foreigners should then get an official employment letter from Iraqi authorities or Ministries. The following is the procedure for applying for an Iraq work visa:

  • The employer must send out an employment offer to the employee.
  • The employer must also write to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs requesting the hiring of a foreign employee. This should also include all information about employees like their nationality, address, type, and duration of work.
  • This letter should also include all the necessary documents for Iraq’s work visa requirements.
  • The Labour and Vocational Training department will check the legal conditions and then issue the entry visa to the country.
  • Within seven days of arrival in Iraq, the foreign employee must visit the Department of Labour and Vocational Training to finalize the procedures for obtaining the work permit. Employees can apply for both residence and work permits hereon.

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