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Jobs in Moldova that will sponsor visas for foreigners 2024/2025! Do you desire employment in a European nation? Looking for a visa sponsorship jobs? Are you interested in finding out more about working in Moldova? You are at the right place if you are an international expat or foreign student.

A work permit is required for foreigners who want to work in Moldova. This also applies to EU nationals because Moldova is not a part of the EU. Before requesting a work visa, many expats often find employment in Moldova first so that your potential employer may do so on your behalf.

This post covers Moldova’s work visa types as well as the requirements for obtaining them. Also, you’ll learn about the current visa sponsorship positions available in Moldova for international citizens.

List of Visa sponsorship jobs in Moldova for foreigners 2024

Below are the list of the current visa sponsored jobs for foreigners in Moldova:

  • Junior Trader
  • Junior Analyst
  • Junior Quantitative Analyst
  • Growth Product Manager
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Agile Program Manager
  • Director of Engineering – Growth
  • Senior Growth Product Manager
  • Senior Director of Product Management (Platform)
  • Engineering Manager, Data Engineering Team
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer, Marketing Tools Team
  • Senior Director of SEO
  • Senior Back-end Engineer Coach, Top Academy Team
  • Senior iOS Engineer
  • Manager, Cross-Channel Marketing

Work visa categories in Moldova

Foreign nationals can enter Moldova with one of four types of visas. These visas consist of:

  • Moldova Airport Transit Visa (Type A): This visa allows foreign citizens to stay in the international portion of an airport in Moldova between flights.
  • Moldova Transit Visa (Type B): A Type B visa is valid for up to five days, during which the holder can travel through Moldova to reach another destination outside the country’s borders.
  • Moldova Tourist Visa (Type C or Short-Stay Visa): A Type B visa is valid for up to 90 days within a period of 180 days. This visa is issued for short-term stays in Moldova, such as business meetings, cultural visits, and tourist trips.
  • Moldova Long-Stay Visa (Type D): A Type D visa allows foreign nationals to travel to Moldova to apply for a residence permit.

Any foreign employees hired by your company will need to obtain a Type D visa, after which they must obtain a residence permit as well as a work permit.


Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Moldova

The workers for your organization must first acquire a long-stay visa before submitting an application for a work permit.

Foreign workers must submit the following in order to get a work permit in Moldova:

  • the authentic copy of their contract for employment with a Moldovan company.
  • one color passport photo, which must be.
  • a background investigation by police in the applicant’s nation of residency.
  • evidence that the petitioner is housed in Moldova.
  • a duplicate of the positive assessment given to the employer by Moldova’s national employment agency.
  • a copy of any paperwork attesting to the applicant’s employment eligibility.
  • a properly filled out application form.
  • copies of the employer’s governing papers, such as the Moldovan registration certificate.
  • national identity card of the applicant.
  • a medical certification attesting to the applicant’s HIV and AIDS negative results.
  • documents attesting to the employer’s operations, such as financial statements.

The official language of Moldova is Romanian, and all official papers must be translated into this language.

Application Method

Foreign nationals must apply for a Type D visa before arriving to Moldova for employment. They should do this at the diplomatic or consular office of Moldova in their home country. Employees should get in touch with the diplomatic mission for precise information regarding the application’s required documents as they may differ.

Employees should also be informed of the prerequisites for applying for a work visa because some procedures must be finished before they leave their home country. For instance, they will need to make accommodation arrangements in Moldova and secure a criminal record check and a medical certification.

The employee may go to Moldova after getting an entry visa and compiling the required paperwork for the Moldovan work permit. They will require a residence permit there.

The National Agency for Employment, which is part of the Ministry of Economy, is responsible for issuing work permits in Moldova. For international employees, the employer normally submits the application. Your staff are free to start working once they receive a work permit.

Additional Crucial Points

Though Moldova and the European Union (EU) have close ties, it is currently not a member of the EU. Therefore, all foreign nationals, including those who are citizens of other European countries in the EU, are subject to these visa requirements. These rules will be modified in the event that Moldova joins the EU in the future.

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