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Do you want to work in a Central Asian country? Looking for visa-sponsored employment? Would you want to learn more about working in Uzbekistan? If you are an international ex-pat, a foreign student, or an Uzbek citizen looking for best-recruiting agencies with open work opportunities in Uzbekistan, you have come to the correct place.

There are several opportunities for foreigners working in Uzbekistan to contribute to the country’s rising economy. Expats with backgrounds in technology, communications, and business are in great demand for their knowledge.

This article discusses the criteria for acquiring work visas in Uzbekistan, as well as the  work visa categories in Uzbekistan. You will also learn about the current visa sponsorship jobs for foreign nationals in Uzbekistan.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Uzbekistan for foreigners 2024

The following are the current visa sponsorship jobs in Uzbekistan for foreigners:

  • Warehouse Manager – Textile Plant
  • Maintenance Manager-Spinning Plant
  • Manager / Sr. Manager Finance International at Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
  • Call Center Representative
  • Data Analyst
  • English Language Teacher
  • Customer Service Assistant
  • Account Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Business Developer Executive

Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Uzbekistan

The following papers must be submitted by applicants in order to get a visa to work in Uzbekistan:

  • a passport with a minimum three-month remaining validity.
  • a duplicate of the applicant’s passport’s information page.
  • two color photographs for passports.
  • a properly filled out visa application.
  • a contract for work with an Uzbek enterprise.
  • Letters of recommendation from previous employers are one kind of evidence supporting an applicant’s prior employment.
  • Evidence of lodging in Uzbekistan, such as a lease that has been signed.

In order to apply for a work visa, Uzbekistan no longer requires a medical certificate showing that the candidate has tested HIV-negative as of March 1, 2022.

Application Method

The employer must get a Corporate Work License before a foreign person may apply for a permission to work in Uzbekistan. The firm is permitted to employ a specific number of foreign nationals under the terms of this license, which is often valid for six months to a year.

Additionally, the company must demonstrate why hiring a foreign worker is essential. In order to achieve this, they will need to start a local labor market investigation to check whether there are any qualified job applicants in Uzbekistan to fill the post. The potential employee can start the visa application procedure after the business confirms the requirement for a foreign recruit.

Foreign nationals must submit an application for a type E work visa at the Uzbek embassy or consulate in their home country. Additionally, they must submit an application for a work visa to the Uzbek labor ministry. The applicant should remain in their country of residency until the appropriate officials have accepted the visa application.

Foreign nationals have up to 30 days to go to Uzbekistan following the granting of a work visa. The work permit is only good for one entrance. Foreigners arriving in Uzbekistan must go to the neighborhood police station to register their address. Foreign workers can start working in Uzbekistan after registering their addresses and obtaining work permits.


Work visa categories in Uzbekistan

Foreign nationals can get a number of visas from Uzbekistan. Similar to many other nations, the type of visa you need depends on why you’re visiting Uzbekistan. Several prevalent visa kinds include:

  • A-1 visas for interns and students
  • tourist visas for travel.
  • D-1 visas are available to those who are employed on a permanent basis by diplomatic representation.
  • E visas are available for foreigners working in Uzbekistan.
  • corporate representatives’ B-2 visas.

A type E visa is required for foreign workers who wish to enter Uzbekistan for employment.

Employment in Uzbekistan

Economic Overview

The most important economic sectors in Uzbekistan are those based on the nation’s natural resources, mainly cotton and minerals. With an annual production of 80 tons of gold, the nation ranks eighth in the world. This valuable metal is said to account for 20% or more of all exports.

Additionally, Uzbekistan possesses substantial quantities of oil, which is utilized only locally, as well as metals including copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, and uranium, as well as natural gas, which is used both domestically and supplied to other nations.

Another significant sector of Uzbekistan’s economy is agriculture. 25% of the workforce and 18% of the country’s GDP are employed in this region. Cotton is the principal cash crop in Uzbekistan, with growing covering around 10% of the country’s total land area.

China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, Bangladesh, and Kyrgyzstan are the country’s top export partners, and its GDP was 56.8 billion USD in 2013.

The energy industry employs a large number of foreign nationals in high managerial positions.

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