Visa sponsorship jobs in San Marino for foreigners 2024/2025 | Job Vacancies Available

Visa sponsorship jobs in San Marino for foreigners 2024/2025! San Marino is one of the smallest states in Europe, it is also the only landlocked European state which just borders one country. Surrounded by Italy, it comes as no surprise that the country’s official language is Italian.

Ever wondered how one can get jobs in the Bahamas with visa sponsorship? Ever thought about how possible these can be?

In this article,  you get to know the current visa sponsorship jobs in San Marino for foreigners, the criteria for Obtaining Work Visas for San Marino,  the best Job Search Engines in San Marino, and much more.

Visa sponsorship jobs in San Marino for foreigners 2024

Check out the available visa sponsorship jobs in San Marino

  • System Engineer
  • Financial manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Head of international business development
  • Customer support representative
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product analyst
  • Supply chain / Purchase Specialist
  • Trade Finalcial Specilalist
  • Unity Developer

 Work visa categories in San Marino

Two types of visas are available to foreign workers who want to reside and work in San Marino:

  • Stay permit: Noncitizens may enter the nation on this visa for a stay of three months to one year. Permits to stay are extendable upon request.
  • Registered residence permit: The best choice for noncitizens setting up a business in the nation or holding a managerial position in a local business is a registered residency permit. These licenses are for long-term habitation.

There is also an optional residency permit available. Unlike the others, this visa has unique limitations on the holder’s ability to get benefits and work. An overseas resident may convert their visa to a registered residence permit and enjoy the related benefits after having an elective residence permit for ten years.

Criteria for Obtaining Work Visas for San Marino

The employee has to present the following paperwork when they apply for a stay or residency permit:

  • Certificate of nationality or statelessness
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of civil capacity
  • A police report from the employee’s home city
  • Certificate of pending charges
  • Two passport-style photos (one certified photo)

Application Process

Visitors do not require an entrance visa, therefore your employees may enter the nation with a current passport or another acceptable form of identification.

Stay and residency permits are issued by a division of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, International Economic Cooperation, and Telecommunications. Your employee will be qualified for public health care and financial benefits provided by the Institute for Social Security if the Labor Office certifies that they possess a residency permit (ISS).

Holders of a residence permit are entitled to the same freedoms and privileges as citizens.

Additional Relevant Points

The tiny size, high educational requirements, and robust economy of San Marino make it challenging to get a work visa. International investors are welcome, however, employees from other countries could find it difficult to apply because there isn’t much information accessible about the process.

The difficulty of complying with immigration and employment rules may increase due to the lack of trustworthy, simple-to-understand information. You cannot submit a residence permit application on an employee’s behalf as an employer. However, if you employ a worker whose visa has expired or hire an applicant who has the necessary documentation, you may be held accountable.


San Marino is a small country, therefore finding work there is not always easy for a variety of reasons. The fact that San Marino is one of the smallest nations in the world is the first important consideration. As a result, San Marino’s labor market is quite tiny in terms of the number of positions offered as well as the types of positions.

Best Job Search Engines in San Marino

Here are some reliable online resources to begin your San Marino job search:

Ufficio del Lavoro (job offers): This is the official government website for employment; clicking the link will take you right to the jobs that are now open.

San Marino Annunci: A classifieds and advertising website for San Marino. A section is dedicated to employment.

Indeed: although there are a few job openings in San Marino, this is an Italian website. You may look for San Marino using a filtered search.

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