Visa sponsorship jobs in Lithuania for foreigners 2024/2025 | Latest Skilled/Unskilled Job Vacancies Here

Jobs with visa sponsorship in Lithuania for foreigners in 2024/2025! Are you considering traveling to Lithuania for work? Are you looking for a job in Lithuania that will sponsor your visa? Yeah sure, you can work in Lithuania if you have a sponsored visa; however, you must first get a work permit. The costs of acquiring documents from Employment Services are borne by the employer.

Lithuania, formally the Republic of Lithuania, is a European nation in the Baltic area. It is one of three Baltic nations and is located on the Baltic Sea’s eastern shore. In recent years, Lithuania has been a favorite location for overseas job seekers.

We include all the Lithuanian jobs that can sponsor visas for foreigners in this article. You will also learn about the several types of work visas available in Lithuania, as well as the criteria for a foreigner working in Lithuania, the Lithuanian minimum wage, and lots more.

List of Visa sponsorship jobs in Lithuania for foreigners 2024

Below is the list of Visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners in Lithuania:

  • Associate Research Analyst/Research Analyst
  • Marketing & PR Country Manager – Nordics & Baltics
  • Support Engineer
  • Office Manager
  • Data Analyst – Consulting Analytics
  • Software Engineer Web Front-End (Senior)
  • Software Engineer  Back-End (Senior)
  • Data Platform Engineer
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Junior Database Administrator
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Junior Sales Manager
  • Forecast Analyst
  • Information Technology Consultant

Work Visa Categories in Lithuania

Lithuania, like any other country, has its own set of regulations governing immigration and foreign people seeking to work in the country. It is a member of the European Union (EU), hence nationals of other EU member countries do not require a work permit or visa to enter. There are numerous visa alternatives available to citizens living outside of the EU.

Individuals planning to work in Lithuania will often require two distinct documents: a work permit and a visa to enter and remain in Lithuania. A national visa is the type of visa necessary for foreign employees (D).

Work Visa Requirements in Lithuania

It is the obligation of the employer to apply for a work permit on behalf of the foreign employee. The employee must give the relevant paperwork to the employer, which include:

  • Proof of work credentials, such as prior professional experience and education
  • Personal identification data

The employee will need to apply for a national visa in addition to a work permit. The application requires several documents, including:

  • The electronic application form is used to complete a national visa application form.
  • A passport issued within the previous ten years, with two or more blank pages, and valid for at least three months beyond the period of the visa.
  • A passport photo, preferably in color.
  • The employer’s letter of mediation should be filed online.
  • A permit to work.
  • Evidence of substantial cash and income.
  • Proof of medical insurance

The Application Procedure

The procedure of acquiring a work permit in Lithuania involves both the foreign citizen and the employer in the country. From the original job offer until the employee’s first day on the job, here’s a summary of the full process:

  • A foreign individual accepts a job offer from a Lithuanian firm.
  • The prospective employee sends the necessary documentation to the company.
  • The employer applies for a work visa through the Lithuanian Labour Exchange.
  • The work permit is issued by the Labour Exchange.
  • The employee applies for a national visa (D) at their home country’s Lithuanian consulate or diplomatic station.
  • The employee may enter Lithuania and begin working after the visa or residency permit has been approved.

While it is always best to prepare ahead when it comes to getting work permits, the process in Lithuania is quite short. A work permit is typically issued within seven business days, while a national D visa takes around 15 working days to process.

Key Factors

There are a few exceptions when a non-EU citizen may operate in Lithuania without permission. If the position demands advanced professional credentials, the employee may instead be granted a decision based on labor market needs. If relevant, this decision is issued by the Migration Department of the Republic of Lithuania’s Ministry of Interior.

The method of obtaining this paperwork is similar in that it is likewise handled by the employer. Employees who are authorized under this judgment, however, will need to get a temporary residence permit rather than a national visa (D).


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  1. I am a qualified and experienced Medical Laboratory technologist from Kenya interested in immigrating to work in Lithuania.

  2. My name is Rudolf Oke a registered dental therapist from .l will like to know if there any dental or health related jobs in lithunia

  3. Pls can I apply for poultry farm ,food production assistant staff and kitchen staff.and I like to relocate down with my family.thank you.

  4. Lithuania is country I admire to work in and stay there with my family

  5. looking for a job in hospitality field will you please help me to find the job.

  6. Hi
    I am from Kampala Uganda East Africa looking for Constructor Job in Lithuania.

  7. I am a Chemistry graduate got one international award from Rotary internatiomal Madras 2021year for Polio eradigation. Agri Plantation award for ZICRO IDUKI KERALA 2002 plantation for Cardamom.
    MSME. Central Govt of India
    Certified Agri BUSSINESS Consultant
    Knowing. Integrated farming,Aquaponics, Organic Vegetables and Fruits zproduction,
    Hydroponics Cattle feed Soilless cultivation.
    achievement 10 acre land equal to 2 acre Space for a Cattle Farm and feed maintanance
    for Aquaponics fish farm need 1 acre enough for Green house making organic foods and vegetables fish farm and Biogas production
    generate Electrisity indivefualy we succeed through our Govt sponser

  8. I have a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and master degree in economics i would like to worknin Lithuania please help me to find employer

  9. My name is Erison Rusare a Head farm worker by profession. I have 4 years experience In farming industry with highly knowledge and skills required to professionally.

  10. I have significant years of experience in Healthcare assistant caring for elderly patients and people with disabilities and challenging behaviour. I am confident that my knowledge and skills required to professionally fulfil the position. Looking for a job in Lithuania

  11. Looking for a Healthcare assistant job in Luthiania.l have significant years of experience in caring for the elderly and people with disabilities and challenging behaviour. I am highly skilled having knowledge with empathy personality.

  12. please sir can I apply for the position of kitchen helper, food production farm worker or pastry cook ,I have five years experience, and presently leaving in Nigeria, and willing to relocate to Lithuania for a job offer, I have a bachelor Degree in public Administration, please help me look for a employers who will hire me.
    thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  13. Respected Sir,
    With reference to job advertisement, Please find my brief resume for your needful action.

    I am Post Graduate (Master Degree Holder) Master in Business Administration (MBA). Sixteen plus (16+) Years experience in Finance & Administration along with HR Field, Good knowledge of computer Hardware & Software.
    Good Knowledge of LC’s, LG’s & have good knowledge and relation in banks.

    My expertise in following fields,
    1- HR
    2- Admin
    3- Procurement
    4- Operations
    5- Management & Planning.

    High knowledge of accounting softwares (i-e Quick Book, Peachtree, Tally, Focus, Financial Management System, Easy Ware, and ERP & SAP).

    I am fluent in English, Hindi/Urdu, Persian, Pashtu (Fluent verbal & written) & Arabic (Basic in verbal & Fluent in written).
    UAE Driving License.

    Haider Ali
    Contact +92-318-2923292 / 0313-9118832

  14. Good day sir/ma
    My name is Bisola a 43 years old woman looking out to for a visa sponsorship jo in Lithuania.I have national diploma in accounting and I have been a field markerter for over 17years.Looking out to work in Lithuania as a cook,cleaner or housekeeper and will love to relocate with my children.
    Thanks to you sir/ma

  15. I am from Bangladesh. I am nonskilled/low skilled worker. I want go Lithuania with work permit visa.

  16. Hello,
    I’m Ann from Kenya and I’m a nanny.i have six years experience, looking for Visa sponsorship job,I would love to work in Lithuania.
    thank you

  17. I am searching a HR and Admin related job in Europe. I have a diversified experience of managing payroll on SAP HCM, personnel administration, Time management and compensation and benefits.

    Advance user of Ms Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Peach Tree and SAP HCM

  18. My name is Dipankar Majumder from Bangladesh. I’m looking for a job hospitality sector, I have experience more than 18 years, Hotel or restaurant F&B service department in Bangladesh & Dubai, at the moment required in Lithonia or senjen country. please try to help me the sponsor ship work permit job.
    thank you

  19. I am sewing machine mechanic. Or I am looking for jobs sewing machine and odr jobs .any work

  20. Hello sir how are you I hope you are happy and safe with your family I am looking for a job in Lithuania farming warehouse construction work cleaning meat factory I am twenty five years old and from Pakistan

  21. from pakistan
    i am lithuania ob search
    electrical mechanical
    Food and Beverage
    Medicine Company head supervisor
    Experience 23 years

  22. I am from Nigeria, looking for a job in your country Lithuania. I am an experienced catering . Lithuania is a peaceful place, so I will love to live and work there

  23. Hello
    My name is Jeewan Bhatta from Nepal. I’m looking for a job hospitality/Retail business sector, I have experience more than 8years, Hotel F&B service depart With Supermarket as a Branch Manager in India & Nepal, at the moment required in Lithuania or Europe country. please try to help me the sponsorship work permit job.
    thank you

  24. Helo I am plumber and my experience in plumbing 25 years in Saudi Arabia want a job in Lithuania please any help me but don’t have any documents from releted of plumbing work

  25. I would love to work in Lithuania as a waitress or office assistant. I work here in Nigeria as an Admin staff. please

  26. Good day,
    My name is Emmanuel from Nigeria, I am looking for huge opportunity to get a sponsorship visa to live and work in Lithuania.
    I have over 10 years experience in Sales sector, I want to relocate to Lithuania if I would be able to get a job with sponsorship visa in Lithuania..

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