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Skilled and unskilled North Macedonia visa sponsorship employment for foreigners 2024/2025! Do you need a Job in North Macedonia that can sponsors your visa? If you want to be sponsored to work in North Macedonia, you must first get a written employment offer from a qualified organization.

In basic words, visa sponsorship implies being sponsored for your visa, which means that a firm or an individual will accept whole or partial responsibility for your visa application. When it comes to working visa sponsorship, the firm or your employer will cover your visa.

a and expenditures while you wait for it for a set length of time.

If you are looking for a list of North Macedonia visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners, or if you want to learn about the work visa categories in Macedonia, as well as the Work Visa Requirements for Macedonia, and the employment agencies, then this is the right post for you.

North Macedonia visa sponsorship Jobs for foreigners 2024

The list of the current Visa Sponsorship jobs North Macedonia for foreigners are given below:

    Cobblestone Energy Skopje, Skopje Statistical Region, North Macedonia
  2. Sponsership Germancourse – registered nurses
    Germandreamjob Dojran, Southeastern, North Macedonia
    Cobblestone Energy Skopje, Skopje Statistical Region, North Macedonia
  4. Talent Coach – Toptal North Macedonia
  5. Examiner Assistant / Examiner Associate- Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
    1455 East 6th Street, Cleveland, OH
  6. Examiner I/II – Risk Specialist– Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
    1455 East 6th Street, Cleveland, OH
  7. Ocean Import Operations Specialist– DHL
    Middleburg Heights, OH
  8. Building Information Modeler (BIM) 7– CDM Smith
    Wadsworth, OH
  9. Roadway Project Engineer– HNTB Corporation
    Cleveland, OH 44101
    $91,366.10 – $142,905.95 a year – Full-time
  10. Industrial Engineer BA IAM– Continental
    Fairlawn, OH, Hybrid work

Other Jobs include:

    • Channel sales excutives
    • UX Researcher
    • Senior Director of Product Management (Platform)
    • Junior trader
    • Junior Analyst
    • Quality Assurance Specialist
    • Quality Engineer
    • Accounting Assistant
    • Junior Quantitative Analyst
    • Agile Project Manager
    • Talent Acquisition business partner

Northern Macedonia work permit

A foreigner can work in Northern Macedonia on the basis of temporary residency, which is gained through employment and a work permit.

He can only work on jobs for which he has a temporary residency and works visa, and only for the business that hires him.

The work permit and residency permits are only valid for the duration of the contract under which the foreign individual is invited to work in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

The Republic of Northern Macedonia issues temporary residency and employment permits on the basis of:

1. Establishment of a corporation in the Republic of Northern Macedonia (personal work permit) – granted within 60 days of documentation completion.

2. Work based on:

  • Contract for temporary employment (direct employment in the Republic of Northern Macedonia)
  • Temporary work referral (intercompany transfer)
  • Seasonal temporary employment
  • Employee training and professional development in Northern Macedonia
  • Foreigners’ official responsibilities (diplomatic, military representatives)

Work permits based on employment are given within 45 days of the documents being completed.

Work Visa Categories in Macedonia

Foreign people can get one of three types of visas from the Macedonian government:

  •  Transit visas of type B, with a maximum stay of five days.
  • Type C visas are issued for short-term trips of up to three months.
  • Type D visas are issued for extended stays for the purpose of work, medical treatment, scientific research, study, humanitarian work, or family reunion.

Foreign personnel must get a Type D visa in order to live and work in Macedonia. However, the long-stay visa does not enable the employee to live in Macedonia on its own. When they arrive in the nation, they must complete the procedure of acquiring a temporary residency permit from the Ministry of Interior.

The employee will also require a work permit, which the company in Macedonia must secure on their behalf

Work Visa Requirements for Macedonia

Foreign employees must get both a residence permit and a work permit in order to live and work in Macedonia.

To secure a Type D visa before flying to Macedonia, the employee must provide the following documents:

  • A form for applying for temporary residency.
  • A current passport.
  • One passport-sized picture.
  • Proof of health insurance for the applicant.
  • A copy of the applicant’s work permit application, which the company should supply.

Employees will need to produce the following papers upon arrival in Macedonia in order to get a temporary residence permit:

  • Ministry of Interior approval for temporary residency.
  • Macedonia has evidence of accommodation.
  • The employee’s original, certified copy of the work permit application.
  • One passport photo and a valid passport
  • A criminal record check.
  • Travel insurance documentation

The Application Procedure

The Employment Service Agency issues work permits in Macedonia. Before the employee begins the process of acquiring a temporary residence permit, the employer should file the work permit application.

The following are the major steps in the application process:

  • The work permit application is initiated by the company on behalf of the foreign employee.
  • The employee receives an original copy of the work permit application from the company.
  • The employee sends the employment application to the nearest Macedonian consulate, together with the additional documents specified in the previous section.
  • The employee is granted a Type D long-stay visa upon approval.
  • The employee visits Macedonia.
  • Within five days after their arrival, the employee completes the procedure of obtaining a residence permit by submitting the previously stated papers to the Ministry of Interior.
  • The Ministry grants the employee a National Temporary Residence Identity Card within 25 days of the application date.

It typically takes around 45 days for a work permit to be issued to a foreign national. Upon the approval of this permit, the employee may begin working for your company in Macedonia.

North Macedonia employment agency

The top hiring firms in Sri Lanka are listed below. Go through the many recruitment agencies and submit applications to each one.  These recruiting firms are critical in linking employees with businesses around the country.

  • Globalwork Recruitment Agency
  • Pedersen & Partners Skopje
  • Majomi Travel Club
  • Agency for Employment
  • Priority Employment Solutions Macedonia
  • Asteria World Work
  • Employment Agency

Important Factors to Consider

Macedonia is a current applicant for membership in the European Union (EU), however, discussions are currently stalled. Citizens of EU member states must currently follow the same procedure as other foreign nationals in order to enter Macedonia for job reasons. These processes will alter if Macedonia joins the EU in the future.

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