Top Shopping malls in Cameron 2023 | Cameroon’s Mall Highlights

Shopping is one of the most enjoyable activities for many people, especially when they visit a new place. Do you like to explore different shopping malls and discover what they have to offer? Are you planning to visit Cameroon soon and want to know where to find the best shopping malls in the country? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top five shopping malls in Cameroon, based on the ratings and reviews of travelers who have visited them. We will also give you some information about their location, opening hours, and what you can expect to find there. Whether you are looking for fashion, electronics, groceries, or souvenirs, these shopping malls have something for everyone.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our list of the top shopping malls in Cameroon in 2023. You will be amazed by the variety and quality of products and services that these malls offer. Read on to find out more.

Top Shopping malls in Cameron

Best shopping malls in Cameroon

The Best shopping malls in Cameroon are given below:

1. Grand Mall:

Located in Douala, it’s the largest and most modern shopping mall in Cameroon, offering a variety of shops, restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment facilities.

2. Orca Yaoundé:

Situated in the capital city, Yaoundé, this mall provides a wide range of products and services, including fashion, electronics, beauty, health, and food.

3. Apocalypse Shopping:

A mall in Douala specializing in clothing, accessories, and footwear with a wide selection of brands and styles for all ages.

4. Chic Avenue By Biiouty Biiouty:

Located in Douala, this mall focuses on women’s fashion and beauty, featuring a salon, a spa, a boutique, and a lounge.

5. Limas Kloset:

Found in Douala, this mall offers clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry for women, along with a makeup studio and a nail bar.

6. Buea Shopping Mall:

Situated in Buea, the capital of the Southwest Region, this mall features a supermarket, pharmacy, bakery, restaurant, and bar.

7. Leaderhair Beauty:

Located in Douala, this mall specializes in hair products, extensions, wigs, and accessories, and also provides hair styling and treatment services.

8. Marche Artisanal de Douala:

This flea market in Douala sells handicrafts, souvenirs, art, and antiques, making it a great place to find unique and authentic items from Cameroon.

9. Kumba Market:

A flea market in Kumba, the largest city in the Southwest Region, where you can purchase fresh produce, meat, fish, spices, and other local goods.

10. Carre des Artistes:

This art gallery in Yaoundé showcases contemporary artworks from Cameroonian and international artists and hosts exhibitions and events.

Where to shop in Cameroon

Cameroon, often called Africa in miniature for its diverse culture and geography, offers a variety of shopping experiences. You can explore bustling markets for fresh produce, clothing, handicrafts, and more. Notable markets include Marché Central in Yaoundé, Marché des Fleurs in Douala, and Marché Artisanal in Bamenda.

For a more modern shopping experience, head to the malls, where you’ll find branded and imported products, along with restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment options. Some top malls include Grand Mall in Douala, Orca Yaoundé in Yaoundé, and Apocalypse Shopping in Douala.

If you seek unique and quality items, explore specialty shops offering personalized services and original products. Check out places like Chic Avenue By Biiouty Biiouty in Yaoundé, Limas Kloset in Douala, and Maison d’Afrique in Limbe.

These options showcase Cameroon’s vibrant shopping scene, catering to a range of preferences and needs. Happy shopping!

What to buy in Cameroon

You’ll discover traditional markets, modern malls, and specialty shops filled with local and international products. Some unique items to consider include:

  1. Oku White Honey: This creamy and flavorful honey, harvested in the Kilum Ijim mountain forest, is known for its medicinal value and is a specialty of Cameroon.
  2. Toghu Outfits: Toghu is a traditional hand-stitched outfit with vibrant patterns, commonly worn by various tribes in the Northwest Region. It can be fashioned into jackets, skirts, and gowns.
  3. Palm Kernel Oil: Extracted from the innermost kernel of palm fruit, this oil is cholesterol-free and versatile, suitable for cooking, body lotion, and soap making.
  4. Leather Sandals: Handmade from cattle and other animal skins, these sandals are popular in Cameroon, making them an ideal complement to traditional attire.
  5. Handicrafts: Explore a variety of handicrafts, including wood carvings, pottery, baskets, masks, drums, and jewelry, available in markets and specialty shops

Top 5 shopping malls in Cameroon 2023

The top five shopping malls in Cameroon in 2023 are:

  1. Grand Mall: This is a modern and spacious mall located in Douala, the largest city in Cameroon. It offers a variety of shops, restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment options for all ages.
  2. Orca Yaoundé: This is a popular mall in Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon. It has a wide range of products and services, including fashion, electronics, beauty, health, and food.
  3. Apocalypse Shopping: This is a mall in Douala that specializes in clothing, accessories, and shoes. It has a trendy and stylish atmosphere, and caters to the young and fashionable crowd.
  4. Chic Avenue By Biiouty Biiouty: This is a mall in Yaoundé that focuses on beauty and wellness products. It has a salon, a spa, a nail bar, and a boutique that sells cosmetics, perfumes, and jewelry.
  5. Limas Kloset: This is a mall in Douala that offers a unique shopping experience. It has a fashion store, a hair salon, a makeup studio, and a photography studio. It also organizes events and workshops for aspiring models and photographers.

These are some of the best shopping malls in Cameroon that you can visit in 2023.


Cameroon shopping guide

Here’s a general shopping guide for Cameroon:

1. Local Markets:

Cameroon is known for its vibrant local markets. Some of the most popular ones include Marché Central in Yaoundé and Marché des Fleurs in Douala. You can find a wide variety of goods, from fresh produce to textiles and crafts.

2. Currency:

The official currency in Cameroon is the Central African CFA franc (XAF). Make sure to have some local currency on hand for shopping in smaller markets and stores.

3. Bargaining:

Bargaining is common in local markets. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices, but do so respectfully.

4. What to Buy:

Cameroon offers a range of unique products. Look for traditional crafts, wood carvings, tribal masks, and colorful textiles. You can also find delicious local spices and food products.

5. Shopping Malls:

In larger cities like Douala and Yaoundé, you’ll find modern shopping malls like Douala Grand Mall. These malls offer a wide selection of international and local brands.

6. Shopping Hours:

Most stores in urban areas open around 8 or 9 AM and close in the evening, often by 7 or 8 PM. Markets can have varying hours, so it’s a good idea to ask locals for specific market hours.

7. Safety:

Be cautious when carrying valuables while shopping. Keep an eye on your belongings, and avoid displaying expensive items in crowded areas.

8. Local Cuisine:

Don’t forget to explore local cuisine. You can find street food and small local restaurants offering authentic Cameroonian dishes. Try local specialties like Ndolé, Suya, and Achu.

9. Languages:

While French and English are official languages, a variety of local languages are spoken. Basic French or English phrases can be helpful, but many vendors may speak a local language.

10. Transport:

Plan your shopping trips around transportation options. In larger cities, taxis or ride-sharing services can be convenient. In smaller towns, walking might be the best way to explore markets

We hope you have learned a lot about the different places where you can shop in Cameroon, and the things that you can buy there. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and family who are interested in shopping in Cameroon. You can also leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about our guide.