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Job in Guinea-Bissau that offers visa sponsorship for foreigners 2024/2025! Guinea-Bissau is a tropical country on West Africa’s Atlantic coast famed for its biodiversity and national parks. Are you an expat looking for visa sponsorship opportunities in Guinea-Bissau? Do you wish to work for a company in Guinea-Bissau? If so, you should absolutely read this article.

Agriculture and food production are important components of the Guinea-Bissau-Bissau economy. They are the world’s sixth largest producer of cashew nuts, and they sell these and other products to partners mostly in India and China.

If you have a strong desire to work in Guinea-Bissau, I encourage you to pursue it. It won’t be simple to get a job, but you can’t succeed if you don’t try.

Without further ado, read on to learn about jobs in Guinea-Bissau that offer visa sponsorship for foreigners, employers in Guinea-Bissau, work visa categories in Guinea-Bissau, and much more in this article.

Job in Guinea-Bissau that offers visa sponsorship 2024

The following is a list of Guinea-Bissau professions that will sponsor foreigners’ visas:

  • Communication Consultants – Guinea-Bissau
  • Media Relations Manager
  • Senior web engineer
  • Senior C# Cross Platform Software Engineer
  • Med Surg RN
  • Associate Project Officer
  • Account Management Executive

Employed in Guinea-Bissau

One of Africa’s most challenging locations for living and working in Guinea-Bissau. Because the country is still developing, there are fewer big industries in which to work. The country boasts a wealth of natural resources, which serve as the primary source of employment.

The majority of exports are accounted for by cashew nut production. Because the healthcare and education systems are undeveloped, you will require access to private solutions for your safety and comfort. Crime is a major concern, especially late at night, and you should heed your employer’s security guidelines. Before traveling to Guinea-Bissau, you must have a verified employment role.

Employers in Guinea-Bissau

The following is the list of employers in Guinea-Bissau:

  • Nielsen
  • Swiss Re
  • DHL
  • KPMG
  • Phipps
  • Plan
  • Bollore
  • Baker Hughes
  • Diageo
  • Safaricom

Work visa categories in Guinea-Bissau

The majority of visitors from outside Guinea-Bissau will require a visa of some kind. Foreign nationals can apply for the following types of visas from the Guinean government:

  • Single Entry Guinea-Bissau Visa (VCS)
  • Long Term Guinea-Bissau Visa (VLS)
  • Multiple Entry Guinea-Bissau Visa (VESRM)
  • Guinea-Bissau Visa Prorogation (VP)
  • Visa de Transbordement (VTB), or Transit Visa
  • Guinea-Bissau Service Visa (VS)
  • Diplomatic Visa (VD)
  • Courtesy Visa (VC)

Long Term Visas are required for those who intend to work in Guinea-Bissau. However, this visa is only granted to foreign nationals who have been in Guinea-Bissau for 90 days and have acquired an entrance visa.

Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Guinea-Bissau

In order to apply for a visa to Guinea-Bissau, applicants must provide:

  • a passport with a minimum six-month remaining validity.
  • copies of the applicant’s passport’s personal information page.
  • one photo for your passport, which has to be against a white backdrop.
  • proof of yellow fever vaccination.

For candidates who require an entrance visa, these papers are adequate. Depending on the type of visa the applicant wants, additional papers can be needed. Applicants must also have an employment contract that has been authorized by the relevant authorities in order to get a work visa.

Procedure for Applying

All the required paperwork needs to be gathered by prospective foreign employees before starting the application procedure for a work visa in Guinea-Bissau.

After receiving the necessary paperwork, the employee can start the online application procedure. Regardless of the type of visa a foreign individual is requesting, the government of Guinea-Bissau grants them an electronic visa or e-visa. The Electronic Travel Authorization for Guinea-Bissau is available to applicants on their own. The application procedure continues as follows:

  • After providing their email address, the candidate waits for a verification code.
  • The applicant inputs the verification code after getting the email to start the online application.
  • The applicant provides facts about their intended journey to Guinea-Bissau as well as information about their nationality and passport.
  • The applicant chooses the category of visa they are requesting.
  • The relevant documents are attached electronically by the applicant.
  • The visa cost is paid by the applicant.

The employee will get an email notification after the e-visa application has been approved. They will obtain an e-visa receipt or an entry visa letter, which they must have with them when they visit Guinea-Bissau. Additionally, workers should provide hard copies of the paperwork supporting their visa application.

Then, workers may fly to Guinea-Bissau, landing at the Conakry Airport. The authorities at the Visa On Arrival desk will need them to provide their fingerprints in addition to the appropriate documentation.

The applicant will now acquire their entry visa and be free to relocate to Guinea-Bissau. They must apply for a long-term visa using the same procedures as above after 90 days. The duration of a long-term visa is one year.


Important Points to Bear in Mind

Employees should be informed that obtaining an e-visa does not guarantee their access to Guinea-Bissau. The ultimate decision will be made by the immigration agents at the airport.

Classifieds and general job search engines

With the websites listed below, you may anticipate a 0.5 to 1.0% response rate from the recipients of your application or CV. Nonetheless, I advise you to give these sites a shot since you never know what you’ll find or what connections you’ll create with a simple e-mail or application.

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