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Are you looking for visa sponsorship jobs in Belize to continue your dream career? Do you intend to work in a Central American country? Have you ever imagined working in a nation with native jaguars, tapirs, macaws, toucans, ocelots, manatees, and some of the greatest jungles and islands on the planet? Belize is a Central American nation. It is bordered by Mexico and Guatemala.

If you are an international student looking to work in Belize, visa sponsorship jobs are an excellent way to get started. A work permit is required for foreign professionals who wish to live and work in Belize.

Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Belize for Foreigners 2024/2025, the average salary in Belize, the highest paying jobs in Belize, and a whole lot more will be covered in this article.

Visa Sponsorship jobs in Belize for foreigners 2024

Check out the current visa sponsorship jobs in Belize for foreigners below:

  • Customer Service Representative/Invoicer
  • Executive Assistant
  • Business Development Representative
  • English Teacher
  • Salesperson
  • Business Central / NAV Developer ($60,000/year USD),
  • Sales Development Representative (SDR)
  • General Manager I – Store

What are the highest paying jobs in Belize?

Doctors and surgeons Because of the crucial nature of their work, surgeons are among the highest-paid professionals. A surgeon’s work is high risk and demands substantial knowledge and a long learning route; all of which are required factors for a lucrative career.

Classifieds and general job search engines

With the sites listed below, you may expect a 0.5 to 1.0% response rate (people who will react back to you after receiving your application/CV). Nonetheless, I advise you to give this site a shot since you never know what you’ll find or what connections you’ll create with a simple e-mail or application.

How much is hourly pay in Belize?

The minimum wage in Belize is the lowest amount a worker can legally be paid for his or her employment. Most nations have a national minimum salary that all employees must meet. The minimum wage in Belize is BZ$3.30 per hour ($1.65). The Belizean minimum wage was last modified on May 26, 2012.

What is the average salary in Belize?

Overall salaries vary by industry, with those providing services to foreigners often paying more. The average monthly wage in Belize is roughly $800 USD.


How much do resort workers make in Belize?

General personnel at operational resorts are often paid US$10-12.5 per day, but many distant places provide food and housing—and hence pay less in actual currency.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Belize?

The Cayo, Corozal, Sittee River/Hopkins, and Punta Gorda regions of Belize are where expats may reside for the least amount of money. In the Cayo, there are many opportunities to purchase property and construct a home for less than $100,000, which will provide you a number of acres and a home.

Work visa categories in Belize

Belize only offers one form of work visa, however applicants can choose between self-employment and regular employment. For both situations, the application procedure is the same, but there are a few minor differences in the documentation that applicants must submit. The visa must be renewed when its initial year expires.

People who want to launch and manage a business in the nation are eligible for self-employment work visas. You must submit your registration and trade license along with your application for this visa as part of your growth procedure.

For foreigners who want to work in the nation, regular employment work permits are required. In this case, applicants must submit their application along with a job offer and employment letter. The applicant must fit into a specific employment category in order to be eligible for the permit.

Conditions for Getting Belize Work Visas

You are not needed as an international employer to manage the application procedure for your employee’s work visa. Candidates must have:

  • an active passport
  • copies of their biographical data pages.
  • Their passport photographs, three copies.
  • a recent six-month police report from Belize.
  • a letter of employment from you.
  • a letter of recommendation from a local organization and ministry with experience in the employment sector.
  • appropriate certifications.
  • Three copies of job advertisements.

The profession of the applicant determines the permit’s tenure and costs.

Government representatives want to make sure you have done everything necessary to fill your openings with citizens. The job clippings should demonstrate that you advertised your available position for at least three weeks before obtaining the assistance of a non-national.

The Department of Immigration and Nationality also wants to guarantee that the applicant is morally upright and has the appropriate qualifications for the job. The agency frequently requests police reports, training records, and confirmations from various organizations to vouch for this.

The Application Procedure

The application process begins with receiving a job offer and gathering all required materials. Applicants must obtain a police report as well as a letter of recommendation from their relevant ministry. Individuals must also obtain a recommendation from an organization in their field of employment, which could be a national association or a business group.

Once the applicant has gathered all of the required materials, they can submit them to the Department of Immigration and Nationality along with a completed application. Processing time could range from a few weeks to several months. When the applicant receives their permit, they will be able to work legally in the country.

Other Important Considerations

The application process necessitates a six-month police report from the country. Applicants must reside in the country for that amount of time before applying for a work permit in order to obtain this document. During these six months, the individual must maintain a tourist visa, which must be renewed on a monthly basis.

If the applicant plans to stay in the country for more than a year, they should consider applying for permanent residence. They must have lived in the country for one year without leaving for more than 14 days to be eligible for this documentation. Permanent residents in Belize do not require a work permit, which allows them to avoid annual renewal fees.

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