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Recruitment agencies in Gahna for foreigners and citizens 2024/2025! Looking for best recruitment agencies in Ghana? If you need to get a Job in Ghana faster, 100% Guaranteed! Use the best recruitment companies in Ghana to get employment fast! The thing is that some companies send their Job openings to Job Agencies directly and as long as your Profile fits the Job Description, you get the Job. Not much Competition or Applying online and Hopping you get called up for an Interview. Applying Online isn’t bad at all but the thing is that the Competition there is times 100 of what you will face with a Job Agency serving a small area of the City.

Ghana’s economy is expanding quickly, and there are many different types of companies and work prospects there. As a result, there is a rising need for employment firms that can assist in matching up job searchers job searchers with the appropriate businesses. These organizations are staffed with experts that can help connect job searchers with the greatest employment possibilities since they have a thorough awareness of the regional work market.

For both foreigners and locals, recruitment firms in Ghana provide a wide range of services. They frequently maintain a database of job openings throughout a range of sectors, including banking, healthcare, IT, and more. About the Recruitment agencies in Gahna, the list of Recruitment agencies in Gahna for foreigners and citizens 2024/2025, how to spot fake Recruitment Agencies in Ghana and whole lot more will be provided in this post.

Recruitment agencies in Gahna

Within 10 to 30 miles of a small town, 10 companies could offer a job agent 30 openings per month, and the number of employees who have registered with this agent could be 70.

You will have a better chance of landing that Job out of these 70 Employees, who are spread throughout several fields and Professions, than if you applied for a crowded online job from a job site where 5,000 other people also applied.

Let’s look at the list and find the one that will work for you now that you are aware of the benefits of a recruitment company over a job posting website.

List of Recruitment agencies in Gahna for foreigners and citizens 2024/2025

Below is a list of employment agencies in Gahna that are open to both foreigners and locals 2024/2025:

1. Open Spaces Job Consult.

A Tema, Ghana employment firm called Open Spaces Job Consult makes sure that both job seekers and businesses receive the finest. Call 233241395221 or contact for more details.

2. Platinum jobs

Platinum Positions is an HR, recruitment business that helps employers in Tema and throughout Ghana find the best top talent and jobs for job seekers.

3. L’Aine Services Ltd.

As a human resources development company, L’Aine Services Ltd. provides a wide range of services, including job placement, staff outsourcing to businesses, training, organizational development, grooming, career counseling, interview preparation, and much more.

4. Dasare Business Services

A few of the ready-made business solutions offered by Dasare Business Services include hiring, employee outsourcing, handling payroll, managing expatriates, and business consulting.

Employers can obtain workers from this company on a permanent, temporary, or contract basis. Dasaere Business Services will assist you in finding the best candidate if you are an employer in Takoradi, Ghana wanting to hire contract workers.

5. Absolute HR Ghana Solutions & Technologies

One of the top employment agencies in Kumasi, Ghana, is this one. They are a top provider of HR services and are apolitical in their management, hiring, and operational decisions.

Absolute HR has got your back if you’re a job seeker looking for work opportunities in Kumasi or all of Ghana. Absolute HR will assist organizations looking for top talent in Kumasi, Ghana, in finding the best candidates.

6. Herrlich Royal Services

The company Herrlich Royal Services was established in 2016. It is a rapidly expanding worldwide recruiting and employment company in Kumasi, Ghana that provides top-notch services to ensure the greatest results in the hiring of employees from a variety of sectors.

This employment firm consistently connects client businesses with the ideal employees for temporary and permanent positions, and it offers first-rate recruitment services for both the industrial and commercial sectors.

7. Job House Recruitment Agency Ghana

After subscribing to the JobHouse Agency Ghana for Jobs, you will receive email and SMS alerts when appropriate positions in your profession or industry become available.

8. Global Manpower Recruitment

The method used by this recruitment agency to screen candidates and match them with suitable job opportunities sets it apart. It is a significant project for this recruitment agency to have employees in every profession imaginable.

9. BYF Consulting and Recruitment Services.

Petits Scholars, Destiny’s Creche, Picador, Aplus, Albert Furniture, Zen, Stellar Container Logistics, GCB Clinic, and a number of other outstanding Ghanaian businesses are just a few of the clients that BYF has served.

10. Africa Manpower.

Since its founding in 2005, Africa Manpower has assisted both companies and job seekers in Accra, Ghana, in finding top talent.

White-collar permanent and temporary placements are the company’s area of expertise. Getting the top applicants for employers is their primary goal.

How to Spot Fake Recruitment Agencies in Ghana

In Ghana, there are various techniques to spot phony employment agencies:

  • Check the qualifications of the agency: Verify with the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations to see if the agency is registered.
  • Look up reviews or testimonials from previous clients to get a sense of the agency’s reputation.
  • Watch out for agencies that demand payment from job seekers. Reputable agencies rarely do this.
  • Visit the organization’s website: A trustworthy agency will likely have a professional and well-kept website.
  • Be wary of unauthorized job offers: Be aware of organizations who contact you without your permission, especially if they demand payment or personal information.
  • For a list of authorized employment agencies, contact the Ghana Employers Association (GEA) or the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI).
  • Verify that the sender’s email is corporate and comes from rather than
  • When a job offer and salary seem too good to be true, double-check everything.
  • If the company has a presence on LinkedIn, you should check it out because an HR business needs to.
  • If they request your banking information or ATM card information
  • If their interactions aren’t professional enough, pay attention to them and double-check.
  • When you are obliged to purchase a skill from them in order to be eligible for a job
  • When they request payment for agency fees via the internet without having a face-to-face meeting at their office

When looking for job in Ghana, it’s crucial to exercise caution, conduct your homework, and keep an eye out for any warning signs that could point to a phony or dishonest employment agency.

Are recruiters paid for each hire they make?

A recruiter’s engagement fee, which they get before they find a candidate, makes up half of their overall pay. Once the individual has been hired, the remaining payment is made. The pay a recruiter receives may differ significantly depending on the client and the level of the position.


How can I email a recruitment agency my resume?

  • Find the recipient’s professional email address, and enter it.
  • Explain why you are sending your CV in the subject line of your email.
  • Introduce yourself, say hello, and state your reasoning for sending the recipient your CV in the email.
  • Leave a kind closing and mention your full name.

Beyond contacting HR and recruitment agencies, it would be prudent for you to assess your own qualifications and job readiness.

The top recruitment agency in Ghana is listed above; should you encounter any difficulties contacting any of the agencies listed above, please let us know in the comment box below.